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Post by agentaaa on Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:43 am

Picture (optional)

Name: Efah
Age: unknown
Homeworld: Zakarien/Pictone
Chosen God: Exitius

(Include descriptions for the vaguely named weapons.)

  • Weapon 1
    Dragontooth scimitar: a powerful weapon, this scimitar is made from the curved tooth of a red dragon, giving it more strength than steel, and allowing it to fight without breaking with even magical weapons.

  • Weapon 2
    Throwing knives: Straight steel knives, Efah carries a small number on him at all times.


  • Ability 1
    Ghostly empowerment: Efah draws upon the power of the spirits of the dead to allow him some control over shadow and empower his strikes. This ability is new to Efah, and as a result, he is only beginning to learn control over it. This is the trademark ability of ghost warriors, and is a skill taught to those of the discipline originally from Exitius himself.
  • Ability 2
    Death empowerment: Efah can temporarily empower himself to a minor extent or use shadow spells by using a recently dead corpse as a fulcrum for his work. This ability only works if the dead creature was killed by Efah personally.

Special Ability:
None yet.

Biography: Efah was once a member of the planet of pictone, and had crossed over to zakarien several times, before being brought to the universe of Avalon by Exitius himself. A dark personality, few know his past, or his real name, though it's been hinted that the last scion of Hayldrig knows his secret. Efah has a cold personality, and is unfailingly loyal to exitius. It is his belief that life causes only suffering, and that death is not a punishment but a mercy to those he delivers it to.
Once a powerful mage, the natural forces he once commanded no longer respond to his commands, Efah has since taken on the mantle of a ghost warrior, a fighter who uses the spirits of the dead to empower his strokes. There are even rumors Efah can cross into the afterlife for short periods to communicate with the dead, but these are mostly considered mere rumors.

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Re: Efah

Post by Quantum Rain on Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:01 pm

This character is acceptable.


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