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Post by Comrade Greiv on Fri May 15, 2015 8:15 am

Prelude to War
15 March, 1983, 23:45 - Natralis Imperium
Kaiserstadt, Kaliz Province - 20 Kilometers NE from Kaliz City Suburbs

It was a quiet, warm night in the Imperial City of the Natralis Imperium, little was stirring at the present hour beyond the guards and a sole man out on one of the Palace's many balconies.  A night like this could easily mask the problems that faced the nation to those outside of the Government, Military, and Protesters/Rioters; the nation was under a great deal of tension just waiting to break under its pressure.  The man sighed.

These poor fools do not know what is best for them...  Instead they would rather destroy all of this than just simply accept the Status Quo as they always used to... the man said to himself, with only the call of crickets responding to his statement.  He turned and went back into the palace, back to the meeting that was on a short break.

From a kilometer away he was under watch through binoculars.  The watcher made a call on a radio:
"Target confirmed to be at the conference.  I repeat, target is at the conference.  Oversight, please advise."
"Mission is go.  Execute operation with due haste Spectre One." Oversight responded.
"Roger Wilco." she replied before cutting the connection and returned to her team two floors below, "Its time, let's move!"

Back in the Palace, the meeting was back underway save for the man from the balcony.  The members of the conference were all deep in various discussions with each other when the main doors opened, all of them stood at attention.  The man from the balcony stepped in and took his seat at the table in the face of nearly three-dozen salutes from various military, police, and civil leaders.

"At ease everyone.  Take your seats." he commanded.
"Yes, Emperor!" they all responded as they sat back down.

Emperor Wilhelm Straße was growing tired of the rising dissent within his Imperium, and had called this meeting to find ways to quell the problem before it grew out of hand.

"So...  What is it that all of you can offer to end this unrest before it potentially grows beyond the point of management?" he asked and discussions began once more.

Outside, the five-person group of individuals slowly and carefully made their way into the Imperial City, dodging whatever patrols they could or incapacitating those they couldn't.  By 7 minutes to midnight they were within the main plaza of the Imperial City and only 50 meters from the palace.

"Everyone ready?" Spectre One stated

"Yes ma'am." the other four responded.

"Alright, once we're inside Spectre Two is with me to work on cutting communications"

"As you wish ma'am" Spectre Two responds

"Spectres Four and Five are to go for the security hub and take out the security measures so we can make the move on the conference room."

They both nod in response

"Lastly, Spectre Three.  You are to get to the power junction and are to take it out as soon as the rest of us are in position to take the Conference room."

"Yes ma'am.  I'll be ready as soon as you lot are." Spectre Three responded, with a very enthusiastic tone in his voice.

"Remember.  This will all be for naught if Emperor Straße DOES NOT DIE.  As such, we CANNOT allow him to escape." Spectre One reminds them, a tone of Deathly seriousness in her voice. "If we get made, he will escape, and we'll have a severely limited window of opportunity to escape ourselves.  So, treat this with every moment as though it is a one-way trip."

Everyone nods and preps to move. within two minutes of their stop they were underway into the palace.

The conference room basically is in chaos from the various leaders debating with one another over what to do about the escalating tensions in the Imperium.  Straße, however, sat in his seat at the head of the table calmly thinking over everything going on in the room, working his own mind to come up with his own conclusion from the Mush of discussion going on around him until he noticed a voice missing from the conference that he expected to be there.  He stood and the entire room became quite, he then walked over to the seat designated to the Commander of the Natralis Imperium Special Forces before coming to a stop.

"If I may ask, who are you soldier?" he asked the young man sitting in the chair.

"Colonel Heydrich, 54th Ranger Special Force Regiment, 21st Brigade, Emperor sir." he said as he stood and saluted the Emperor.

"Why are you here?  Field Marshal Alec Kaidan was supposed to be here, in the place you are occupying." Straße responded, his words almost as sharp as daggers.

"I am here at his personal request, my Emperor.  He was unable to be here due to, and I quote, 'a potential, major security breach in our protectorate nation of Sihaln' that he needed to sort out before he could depart for home, sir." Heydrich stated, clearly seeming to be fearful of this situation to those who were around the room, save the Emperor himself.

Straße laid a hand on the Colonel's shoulder and then made his way back to his seat at the head of table.  He then took advantage of the silence.

"Tell me, Colonel Heydrich, what would you say should be done?" he asked looking at the still standing colonel.

"What I think that the Field Marshal would say, sir?"  Heydrich responded confusedly.

"No.  What do YOU think should be done?"

Heydrich thought for a moment and walked around the room to a window overlooking a small courtyard within the palace.  He turned and began, "Perhaps it would be best to start treating more violent rioters and protesters more as an insurgency, rather than just common criminals.  And, as it was once said, 'pour encourager les autres.'" this comment started a furor within the room.

The small team of infiltrators were within the palace and were ready to take their individual objectives, at the communications center, Spectres One and Two moved in to take it after a courier was well on his way out of the room.  They quietly closed the doors and began sweeping the two-story room with their suppressed Carbines and Sidearms, within a minute the communications center was cleared out and they went to work completely silencing all communications in or out of the Imperial City.  They then sealed the room as they made their way to the Rendezvous.

The security center was a much quicker job, with only 5 men on staff they two Spectres assigned to take it had done so within six trigger pulls and had the security systems down within three minutes.  After finishing, they sealed the room and made their way to the meet-up point.

Lastly, Spectre Three made it to the Power junction in the basement unopposed and was ready to cut power when the rest of the team was ready.


Spectre team was in position and ready to storm the Conference room and its side rooms to work towards their objective.

"Everyone ready?" Spectre One asked her team personally once they were all at the RV on one of the balconies outside the conference rooms.

They each responded with a thumbs up and a nod as they had their weapons ready for the attack.

"Alright, final gear check."  Spectre One stated as she turned to call Three on the radio. "Spectre Three, Status?"

"Ready to go on your command, Ma'am." he responded as he had finished placing the Electromagnetic Pulse charge on the power junction.

"Good.  Once we make the move, secure us some transport.  We'll need to be out of here as fast as possible in the case we succeed or this goes south." Spectre One stated and got the simple response of Wilco from Three.

She then turned to the other three teammates as they prepped to breach.  "On my mark." she whispered over radio to each of the other teammates, "10... 9..."

The furor came to a deathly silence as Straße slammed a book against the table.  He stood up and walked to Heydrich.  He then began to speak.

"I must say.  Colonel Heydrich, you have presented one of the best, and most simple, ideas to potentially deal with this." he looked around the room at the stunned faces of each of the 35 other leaders in the room, "After all...  Fear can be an extremely useful tool in forcing submissiveness in a populace.  As much as I wanted to avoid use of fear tactics, I feel were are now beyond that point and msut resort to them."

He paused as a courier entered the room.  The man had a look of terror in his face, presumably from the message he was carrying.  He handed it to the Emperor and was summarily dismissed.  Straße read it to himself quickly, then spoke once more.

"And it now seems that Heydrich's idea will be implemented.  This message is from an Imperial garrison in the Province of Rufet." he drew in a quick breath and then began to read the message verbatim, "'Message to the Emperor, from Colonel Geit of Rufet Imperial Army Garrison.  We are being overrun.  Rufet is now in state of open rebellion.  All citizens and militia believed involved.  We Cannot Hold.  Repeat, We Cannot Ho-', and it ends there."

The mood was very somber in the room.  None of them expected this new development.

"This meeting is now adjourned.  Go muster your commands, crush this before it spreads!" he commanded and the commanders then began to get up to leave, gathering their belongings.

...2 ...1

The room then quickly went dark.


"...2 ...1"  The lights went dark. "Goggles on!  Suppressors off! BREACH!  BREACH!  BREACH!"  At this Spectre Three took off to the motor pool he snuck through earlier to secure an MRAP.

The four Spectres then triggered the pair of Breaching charges for the doors into the side room and began taking out the guards within it.  They were dead and within 5 seconds they had a pair of Wall breach charges in place and clapped them off.  They then charged into the disorganized mess of men within and began emptying their carbines into the group when Spectre One noticed 10 of them making their way through the main doors, including Straße.

"He's getting away!  TB grenades out, and get after him!  MOVE MOVE MOVE!" she shouted as the team sprinted for the door, tossing down some Thermobaric Grenades.  As they sprinted down the hallway they shot anything that moved other than them.  They couldn't let Straße get away in order to give the civil war the best fighting chance it could get.

The next turn they made they caught sight of the Emperor as he and five other got past a small group of guards and made their way into an elevator.  The guards stood little chance and were torn up by the infiltration squad's Automatic Rifle fire when an officer came into view from around the elevator Straße got into, it was Heydrich, with an HK21 in hand and began opening up on the squad - forcing them into cover and wounding Spectre Two with two hits to the torso - Heydrich then re-entered the elevator and it closed.

"SITREP!" Spectre One yelled.

"Two is hit, badly.  We need to get him out, ASAP." Four Responds as she pick Two up by her shoulder and carried him to the elevator with the rest.

"Three here, I got us transport.  Get done in there and get here fast, a lot of activity down here." Three states.

"Wilco, we'll be there soon." One responds as she calls for an elevator. "They're going to the roof.  We'll have a very limited window now..."  She says as an elevator's doors open and two soldiers begin firing from inside, killing both Spectres Two and Four just before being quickly killed by One and Five.  They quickly enter the elevator and hot-wire it for a quick trip to the roof.

Upon exiting they had a perfect view of a helipad with an Mi-24 preparing for take-off, with Straße about to board.  She and Five quickly got out into the open air and took aim, just as they were about to open fire, Five dropped to the ground with a scream and One felt a blinding hot feeling in her gut just as she pulled the trigger of her G3.  Her shot was aimed at Straße and had struck him in the neck, just below the jaw, sending him to the ground and Five fired on Heydrich just as he was about to fire on and kill her commander.  Five then got to her feet and began to drag Spectre One back to the elevator so they could try to get to Three.  They reached the elevator despite being shot at by a half dozen different guards and officers and the Mi-24 itself.

"You know our chances are now very slim, right?" Spectre one asked

"I know Ma'am.  Doesn't mean i should have just left you there"  she responded as she looked herself over, she knew that she would bleed out before they could get anywhere safe.

"Spectre One to Spectre Three, Sitrep."  She asked over the radio.

"Just Peachy, ma'am.  Had to move out of the Motor Pool, I am near where you lot entered below that balcony.  Get here fast before I start drawing attention."  He said, clearly heavily distressed by the tone of his voice.

"Roger." she responded, with a hefty amount of pain in her voice as the numbness from her wound now starting to wear off.  Within five minutes they were in the room just outside the balcony that they first entered the palace from, after dodging numerous patrols.  They went out and looked down, Spectre Three was there waiting.  As the pair got ready to climb down, a loud crack was heard and Spectre One felt another searing hot pain, this time from her back as she fell from the balcony's wall along with Five.  Spectre One landed in the back end of the MRAP while Spectre Five didn't, instead landing on the back end head first while the rest of her body fell outside of it - a fall that One knew that her teammate didn't survive.  She slammed her fist on the back glass of the vehicle and Three put the vehicle into motion as she climbed in.  Within two minutes, and after coming under heavy small arms fire they had gotten through the gate and were underway to a safe house - all while Spectre One worked on slowing or stopping the blood coming from her wounds.

"What was the result, Alexis?" Spectre Three asked in order to sooth the tension.

"Target should be dead, got him in the neck.  Should have severed one of the arteries or veins.  Unfortunately, we're the only Survivors Gerald." Alexis Dietrich responded

"Here's hoping he is dead.  And don't be hard on yourself, we all knew this was going to be an extreme-risk operation." Gerald Grossman responded as he turned onto one of the first of many off-roads they would need to shake the Imperial military off their trail.

Little did Spectre One, Alexis Dietrich, know, both Colonel Heydrich and Emperor Wilhelm Straße was still very much alive.  And that both would soon begin a campaign of terror to quell the Civil War.

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[12:16:59 AM] Cameron Griffis: One look at her and...
[12:17:24 AM] Cameron Griffis: ...and my heart sprays blood all over my screen.
[12:18:06 AM] RecCom 1138: You might want to get the cannonball-sized hole through your heart checked out....
[12:18:27 AM] Quantum Rain: Indeed, I want my cannonball back.
[12:18:36 AM] Cameron Griffis: Son, it's been there since last summer. Nothing new.
[12:18:52 AM] Quantum Rain: Yes, I've been waiting a year for you to return my cannonball!

-- Much Later --

Greiv die Server Zerstörer: How's the Cannonball wound?
Greiv die Server Zerstörer: And the Cannonball you've yet to return to Rain?
Quantum Rain: I'm charging several year's interest for that shit btw.
Quantum Rain: Keep it up and I'll get a whole fucking galleon...
Cameron Griffis: Yeah, returning Rain's precious cannonball is soooooo high on my list of priorities.
Cameron Griffis: Right behind getting laid.
Quantum Rain: Wait too long and I'll get an armada to rival the english fleet.
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War and Peace: Remaking a Nation Empty Re: War and Peace: Remaking a Nation

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6 March, 1983, 0515 Hours
Sihaln Islands, Protectorate nation of Natralis Imperium
Island of Naltha, Imperium Military Stronghold

It was a beautiful morning pre-dawn morning on the Island of Naltha in Sihaln, very little was stirring upon the Island.  Field Marshal Alec Kaidan began his weekly inspection rounds with several of the command staff from both the 21st Special Forces Brigade and the Imperium 42nd Assault Army.  After gathering in the Motor pool the group of 8 officers piled into a BAE Caiman and embarked upon their inspections of all Natralis Imperium facilities on Naltha.

Within three hours they had completed the majority of their inspections save for the Naval and Air forces complex at the far southern end of the Island, and had arrived at the gates as the sun began to rise.  With the sun came a relaxing tone amongst the officers and they began to talk among themselves.  However, Field Marshal Kaidan remained silent as he poured over reports that were left for him in his office prior to his arrival there earlier in the morning; a particular Colonel under his command took notice to this.

"Something wrong, sir?" the Colonel asked with a curious look on his face
Alec looked up from the folder of reports and closed it, "Not so much Heydrich, just reports from stations around the Islands." he responded with a sigh, "From what they seem so far, nothing too serious."
"Ah, such is good to hear at least." he stated as he looked forward through the front windscreen toward the Naval Yard. "I take it the Faye and Rufet are still out for their sea trials?"
"Yes, though they should be in by 1100 hours..." Alec said as he checked his watch, "Which reminds me of the plans for lunch with the Admirals coming in with them."
"Of course who could forget those plans sir?" one of the Generals of the 42nd Army chimed in, "Gives us all the chance to dine like kings without having to go to Sihaln Island for the Nobility Districts."

After arriving at the complex the group spend a further four hours inspecting the troops, equipment, aircraft and ships with the officers of the Naval and Air branches as thoroughly as possible before finishing up and returning to the dockyards after the RFS Faye and RFS Rufet had docked.  The two ships were the heads of their respective Battleship Classes and had finally finished their Sea Trials and were thus officially assigned to the Imperium fleet stationed in Sihaln.  Around 1300 hours the group of officers were able to board the RFS Rufet, and meet with the admirals in charge of the two ships -- Admirals Jacob Vips of the Rufet and Sheila Ysanne of the Faye -- in the Oficer's Mess.

"Field Marshal Kaidan!  It is a pleasure to finally meet an officer of your caliber." Vips stated upon seeing the Army and SpecForce officers enter the room and extended his hand.
"Aye, more than just a pleasure If I may say so sir." Ysanne stated as she bowed toward Kaidan
Alec bowed in respect and response to Ysanne and then shook Vips's hand, "It is an honor to meet the two of you as well.  I hope the trip from the mainland was a pleasant one."
"Yes it was indeed." Vips responded with a smile on his face, "I've not had finer seas since I was merely a Captain."
"Indeed, could have done without the red sky as we were coming in this morn however." Ysanne said as she took a seat at the table, the rest followed suit.
"Not to worry Shiela, I doubt that old saying has anything to it here in such a peaceful place." Vips said with a laugh just as a small group of Aviation and Naval Branch officers entered.

Conversation of various things continued until a number of sailors came in with various food items.  After everything was placed they all dug in, continuing to talk about various things of note.  Alec however took the time to check the final set of reports that he had acquired earlier in the day.  Most were just of small incidents, primarily of police actions and information and of actions done by the Military Police against soldiers who had gotten too drunk the night before.  However the last pair, from the Islands of Batav and Zenercys caught his eye...

From Batav:
"Firefights with unknown groups at Imperium and Sihaln Military facilities.  Prisoners taken in Two of Eight incidents.  Total Casualties amount to 40 KIA, 100 WIA, and 10 MIA; Similar KIA/WIA for Civillians.  Prisoners to be transferred to Sihaln for interrogation by Sihaln and Imperium Interrogators."
From Zenercys:
"Terrorist attacks on local garrison of Sihaln Reserve Base.  Fourteen personnel WIA, Three MIA, One KIA.  One hostile taken prisoner.  Prisoner to be transferred to Sihaln for interrogation by Sihaln and Imperium Military Interrogators."

These little snippets set off alarms within Alec's mind, Insurgent activity? Here in Sihaln?  With these thoughts he knew he had to make it to the main Island in order to find out what this was about.  He kept silent about this need until the lunch was finished and everyone was leaving.  He then spoke to Heydrich, Vips and Ysanne about this, knowing at least the Rufet was scheduled to embark for Sihaln in order to meet with Members of Sihaln's Fleet command later that day.  the two admirals agreed to take the Field Marshal and the Colonel to the main island and by 1800 they were in the Capital city.

After arriving they were able to rent a vehicle to use to get to the headquarters where the prisoners were being held.  Upon arrival they were guided to the interrogation chamber.

"Where are they?" Alec asked with a grave tone in his voice.
"Who?" One of the Imperium interrogators responded as he turned around, and after noticing that it was Field Marshal Kaidan continued, "Ah yes, the prisoners taken last night.  Unfortunately we have only one left."
"Meaning?" Alec asked with a raised brow.
"All of them had suicide pills hidden in false teeth, the one left is the only one still alive because his failed." The interrogator stated, "And he will be in a hospital for the foreseeable future.  Further he might not be able to ever speak because of what the pills did."

The interrogator pointed to a body bag in a holding cell beside them.  Alec went over and unzipped it to see what the man meant.  From the looks of the dead prisoner's face the pills were actually small explosive charges meant to cause significant damage to the skull and further to spread a corrosive chemical to both poison and hasten death of the user.  It was a very gruesome sight.  He then zipped the bag back up and went back out to join the interrogators and Heydrich.  He and Heydrich left soon for a military-operated heliport near the dockyards when Alec had finally began to speak as they left for Naltha.

"Heydrich, I want you to do me a favor." he began with a very monotonous tone of voice before pausing to ensure he had his attention.
"Yes sir?" Heydrich asked as he turned to face the Field Marshal, "What would this favor be?"
"Emperor Straße is holding a meeting in nine days at the palace in Kaiserstadt.  I will not be able to attend it given this new information, as such I want you to go in my stead."
"Are you certain sir? " Heydrich asked with confusion, "I know for certain I would not be your best representative."
"Regardless, you would be the only option presentable to me.  As I know all major commanders of SpecForce are wrapped up in various other situations and you would be the most reliable source as to why I cannot attend due to you coming from here." Alec stated as he went over the data from the day  in his head, "If he asks why, tell him that I have to attend to this matter given that it is a potential, major security breach hear in the Protectorate nation of Sihaln.  Do you understand Colonel?"
"Jawohl.  I will make arrangements to return to the mainland tonight." he responded, still in a somewhat confused and shocked stated.

After arriving at the Island of Naltha, Colonel Heydrich made his way to the airbase in the south and Kaidan returned to the Army base near the center of the Island where they began the day.

[12:16:59 AM] Cameron Griffis: One look at her and...
[12:17:24 AM] Cameron Griffis: ...and my heart sprays blood all over my screen.
[12:18:06 AM] RecCom 1138: You might want to get the cannonball-sized hole through your heart checked out....
[12:18:27 AM] Quantum Rain: Indeed, I want my cannonball back.
[12:18:36 AM] Cameron Griffis: Son, it's been there since last summer. Nothing new.
[12:18:52 AM] Quantum Rain: Yes, I've been waiting a year for you to return my cannonball!

-- Much Later --

Greiv die Server Zerstörer: How's the Cannonball wound?
Greiv die Server Zerstörer: And the Cannonball you've yet to return to Rain?
Quantum Rain: I'm charging several year's interest for that shit btw.
Quantum Rain: Keep it up and I'll get a whole fucking galleon...
Cameron Griffis: Yeah, returning Rain's precious cannonball is soooooo high on my list of priorities.
Cameron Griffis: Right behind getting laid.
Quantum Rain: Wait too long and I'll get an armada to rival the english fleet.
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