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Name: true name unknown, calls self "Efah"
Age: 23
Homeworld: Zakarien
Chosen god: Exitius

Dragon tooth blade
ice staff

1. basic spells

2. ice shrapnel - fires off a large number of ice shards at machine gun level speed, that are able to pierce steel with even a glancing hit. These shards themselves break when they hit sometihng, and shards go in every direction, making it nigh impossible to dodge. While Efah is resistant to the ice, he is still damaged and even in mortal danger when he uses this attack himself, and this shows his willingness to accomplish Exitius' goals, no matter the personal cost.

Biography: Efah, as he is known now, was a hero originally, on the world of zakarien. he fought many battles and saved many lives, though most of the time he pretended to do it for the money, and hid the better part of his hidden valor. In reality, he fought for peace and harmony, and wished that he had the power to make peace eternal and permanent. One day, on a mission, he and his friends fought valiantly to protect a village from golems, and managed to defeat them, barely, and headed back to the village. There, they found the attack had been a feint, and that the entire village had been slaughtered by a massive orc force. One by one, His comrades fell around him, and he saw each die in front of him, until his entire team was dead with the exception of him. With a combination of power and righteous anger, he proceeded to defeat the entire group of orcs himself. Despite this, however, he still felt terrible guilt and shame, and believed his comrades and the villagers death were his fault. readying himself to commit suicide. He was stopped by Exitius, who explained the afterlife to him. The dead, he explained, were given true peace, allowed to live their life where the conflicts inherent in mortality could no longer harm them. Those who were truly evil were given a place as well, but redemption was also possible. In truth, Exitius explained, it is life that truly brings sorrow and suffering, and it was entirely unneccessary in the world he envisioned. enheartened by his words, Efah bowed to Exitius and pledged his service to Exitius' cause.
Efah is motivated to create true peace by fulfilling exitius deathly designs, and this shows in his demeanour. Though he feels sorrow at having to cause pain first, he feels it is necessary and that the justice of the afterlife suffices to abstain him from sin. A bit hot-headed, he does try to at least act as Exitius does, cold and unfeeling, in order to hide from his own emotions, which constantly struggle. It is an act he is getting better at every day.....
Efah has several basic spells, as well as his ice splinter attack, but is also a potent warrior, using his staff and blade together to fight off those who would attack him.

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