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Post by agentaaa on Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:06 pm

Name: Auger
Age: 27
Homeworld: Praaxis
Chosen God: none


Weapon 1/Weapon 2
A straight blade with numerous scratches, connected by a long, rusted length of chain to a shorter blade of similar wear. Despite their damage, are very durable blades, though with no special abilities other than an unnatural durability.


Ability 1
Magic negation
Auger's control of magic negation was grown so that almost any direct spell cast upon him can be negated, though indirect spell attacks still are able to damage him as well as they could in the past

Ability 2
Lightning Slide
A move Auger recently learned as a result of his control over lightning, auger uses this ability to dodge attacks at a high speed, sliding out of the way as though he was sliding on ice.

Ability 3
Auger is able to swing his weapon's chain at such a high speed that the blade at the end acts as a buzzsaw that can pierce through rock like it was made of paper. Auger can also do this to use his chain to block attacks of magical nature

Ability 4
sense bloodlust
Auger's large amount of experience in the art of combat, and innumerable amount of battles, have developed within him the ability to sense other beings' through their lust for blood. This ability will not work on someone who impassionately or reluctantly kills other people, but those who hunger for blood, battle, and death will be felt, and their bloodlust will be easier to sense the stronger it is. While Auger can use this at times to foil assassination and the like, he normally uses it simply to find opponents for him. Auger can feel some relative strength from the bloodlust, but not to a fine-tuned degree, and more of a general feeling.
Special Ability:
none YET, muhhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, but ya, give it a bit.

Auger is a peerless fighter who had made a great impact in the world of avalon, defying gods, generals, and living to tell the tale despite. After he went missing from umbran imprisonment, nobody has seen Auger in quite a while, though nothing seen confirms his death either. it almost appears that he vanished into thin air. Where he is, noone knows, and most of his enemies would prefer it stay that way.

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Re: Auger

Post by Quantum Rain on Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:31 pm

Character is approved, though I would appreciate a longer biography that includes Auger's personality and past outside Avalon.


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