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Name: Auger

Age: 18

Homeworld: Praaxis

Chosen God: none. Auger tends to switch sides based on which one interests him most, but has no true attachment to any god

Weapons:single bladed Long sword and short sword, Attached by a length of chain at the hilts. enchanted to be durable
Has some basic knowledge of how magic works, and can negate weak magic effects cast directly upon him, such as causing blindness or immobilization.

Omnidirectional execution - Auger stabs his opponent and puts both hands on his weapons' chain, and uses his immense strength and speed to use the weapon inside the enemy, cutting and slicing th target at high speeds. this technique's power is a lot for even Auger to handle, and using it bears on his stamina.
knows some basic first aid.

Weaknesses: Due to a condition of his own, he cannot cast or use magic in any form, with the exception of negating effects cast directly upon him.

Items: a beginner spellbook he had stolen from some Praaxis mages. As he is unable to use magic himself, it is mostly useless to him, though it might be useful to others.

Auger was born on the world of Praaxis, as part of the small human population existing there. Praaxis was a world without any real law enforcement, and fighting was common. Auger became known at an early age for his combat skill, and quickly climbed his way to the top of the combat arena. He found quickly that no one on his planet was a match for him any longer.

He soon overheard a pair of mages in a tavern speaking of a portal they had made to a world called Avalon. They planned to destroy the portal, for fear of a war on that planet spilling into Praaxis. Auger demanded the mages allow him through the portal, and knowing of his reputation, the mages quickly obliged, fearing his wrath. The mages brought Auger through their libraries, which he stole a book of beginners magic from, unknown to the mages.

Auger was allowed through the portal, and promptly appeared on Avalon. After he went through the portal, the mages collapsed it, as revenge for being so ill-treated. This, however, did not bother Auger in the slightest, and he promptly began wandering this new world, seeking battle.
He also began trying to learn magic, but quickly found through study of the book and some simple checks that he appears to be unable to perform any, and that only spells negating the effects of magic would work for him.

Auger is very skilled with his weaponry, and is fully aware of it. he enjoys fighting quite a bit, and wishes to find a strong opponent the likes of which he could not encounter on his own planet. While he is certainly not suicidal, he tends not to care how injured he gets in battle, and will not be stalled or bothered in the slightest by anything short of a mortal blow, which tends to frighten his opponents. However, due to the culture he comes from, he does not understand bonds between people; It is not that he is incapable of feeling these, but he has never been given any chance or reason to develop them. As such, the idea of things like friendship are utterly alien to him.

He has a rather unique fighting style with his weapon where he holds his longsword in one hand and part of the chain in the other, using it to fling the short sword at high speeds at opponents, and quickly bring it back using the chain, readying it for another attack. He can, of course, also use them as a simple short sword and long sword too, however.
While proficient to a large degree, he has also had no formal training in combat, and thus he fights without any true form or style. He also has no conceptions of backing down, and thus will not run even from an opponent no matter how much stronger he is. This is quite dangerous for him, as he will fight to the death if pushed, no matter how obvious the end of the battle will be.
He normally kills his opponents, but if he finds the opponent particularly interesting, he may leave him alive in order to have the opportunity to fight him again

Looking for approval and/or any improvements that can be suggested.

(To explain the magic negation ability a bit, he cannot stop any spell not directly cast upon him. if someone casts a fireball directed towards him, he cannot do anything to stop it. However, if someone casts a spell on his body which causes him to be blind, or slowed, however, his ability can either weaken or stop the effect.)

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Re: Auger

Post by Quantum Rain on Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:46 pm

After reading through it, I find it quite interesting, and very much legal. It shall be fun to see him on the field of battle.


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