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The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Empty The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)

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Name: Tom Roach / Fingolfin II
Age: 11,021 *appears in his mid forties*
Race: half elven
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: blue
height: 7 feet 1 inch
Home World: Arda

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  NWN__Half_Elf_Mage_by_wycked

Biography: Roach is an ancient and powerful being born on Arda (lord of the rings universe). He came to explore space at the behest of the Vallar. He emerged into a galaxy of turmoil and he learned the ways of the Jedi. And even became their grandmaster for a time. He now fades in and out of retirement. Roach is renown as an explorer and a teller of great tales. He is also the only openly homosexual leader of any know faction.

Roach Is also an exceptional fighter almost unparalleled with a blade or light saber. He is deadly with bow or sniper rifle. His keen elven senses often allow him to see or hear, things that others could not detect unless they were far closer. He is a decent tactician and can direct his troops on any front. Whether it be space, land, sea, or air. Roach is proficient with many force powers but prefers to use his force power for healing and teleportation. Though it drains him Roach has often been able to teleport himself across the galaxy and back. Roach also holds one of the most vast personal fortunes in the know galaxy. Money accumulated over the nine thousand years he has been away from Arda. Roach was not always a pure soul he spent time doing every thing from being a tyrant to being a pirate. His more recent wealth come from his monopoly on tiberium and mithril. Roach also has vast personal star ship collection. It has been said that Roach could produce any star fighter ever made. Only a select few have seen this massive collection. Roach is the Grandmaster of The Federation's Jedi Order and approved the construction of the Jedi academy On Arda Beside Minas Tirith.

Quote: "I have been many places and seen many things, I have Climbed the highest mountains killed the Universes most deadly creatures, Piloted starfighters, Hunted Outlaws, Been a Crime lord, a Pirate King, A Jedi, A sith, A scientist, a General, an Admiral, a lover and a Warrior. You find a person with more job experience than me and more worthy to lead this nations military please let me know Senator I'd be happy to step aside."

Weapons Roach is know to carry the following weapons.
A single bladed yellow lightsaber
2 .44 caliber Colt dragoon Revolvers.
a cut down 10 gauge lever action shot gun
A mithril Katana
A Mithril boot knife
A DL-44 blaster pistol


The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Arglev

Race Dunadan
Age: 172
Eyes: green
hair brown
Home World: Arda

Arglev is Roach's top lieutenant and commander of the free peoples army.
Arglev gained renown fighting the Scrin and in the wars in the Ettenmoors against the Witch king. He commands the Chimera-class Carrier the Elendil.

"72,73,74,75,76,78, Bah there are not enough foes on this planet to stop the Federations Army!."

Armament Arglev is know to carry
A 2 handed gravity hammer
A rare proton Halberd
A .45 Colt Revolver
Admiral Yanishev

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  ThidI4547812655038548pid1

Age: 87
Height: 6'0
Eyes: green
hair: Brown
Home World: Ramius

The venerable Commander of the Pyotr The Great and the entire Russian Defense force Yanishev is one of the most respected men in the Federation military. A tactical mastermind and one of few people who is qualified to give Roach advice he, Gandalf, Admiral Janeway and General Martok make up Roach's Military council. Yanishev has been an exceptional officer all his life starting in command of the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser Ramius' Guardian he was the first ship to make contact with the Scrin even though he was out numbered 4 to 1 when the Scrin attacked his vessel on a routine patrol he managed to defeat 7 Scrin warships and escape to send a warning to the Federation. He was awarded a Knight's Cross by Roach for his heroism and placed in command of the fourth Roving Line as a Rear Admiral he would find himself on the front line of every engagement with the Scrin often being the Last Roving line to withdraw from a fight after the First Battle Of Sullust were he defeated a Scrin Invasion force he was Promoted to Vice Admiral and placed in Command of the Pyotr the Great and the entire Ramius sector fleet by Tsar Putin who awarded him the Order Of Ramius the highest honor that can be Bestowed upon a member of the Russian Military. His Next Great Triumph was what was also considered the turning point of the war with the Scrin was the battle of Nar Shadda were the Ramius Defense fleet lured and engaged the bulk of Scrin fleet after a long battle who's Tide Was Turned When Hutt Forces Commanded By the Venerable Giradda entered the fray and broke the Scrin Flank allowing Yanishev's Forces to destroy the Scrin flagship throwing the whole Scrin fleet into chaos the Arda Sector Defense fleet arrived to reinforce Yanishev and the Scrin Fleet was utterly decimated. After This Yanishev was Knighted as a Knight Of Ramius and Promoted to the Rank of Admiral. His more Recent Exploits Include the Battle of Balmorra and Druckenwell during the war with the Sith forces of Queen Mother Svetlana and his brilliant command of Federation forces in the Defense of Ramius also during that conflict his most recent achievement was the Defense of the Rachni World of New Song From the Turian's and Primitus.


Quetzalcoatl: War-song leader Yanishev, the turians severely outnumber us.

Yanishev: indeed but we have some surprises for them and our crews are not wearied by battle.

"So the butchers have come to fulfill their barbaric quest for blood at the whim of witless politicians. The annihilation of a whole race is not something that should be done under any circumstance. But you have come through blood and fire to destroy a people who wish no evil upon you we warned you away sent our cloak and our dagger to harry and beguile yet you still come. Now arrayed before you is our shield dare you face the sword? Shall our inexorable war machines do battle until oblivion? Or shall reason and common sense rule this day will you turn back from this path of darkness or let it consume you? What say you?"


The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Turian_Military_Scouting

Age: 62 Human Years
Race: Turian
Gender: Male
eyes: Green
Height 6 feet five inches
Home world: Palaven.
Quote "Technology wins wars the longer a ship can fight the longer it can cause damage the more damage it causes the faster the battle is won."

Garan was a free lance scientist working in new Eden designing armor for the Gallente Federation's star ships Free Peoples Intelligence took notice of his talents and he was bought out by Federation R&D he has since become the head of Starship R&D for the Federation.

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  250px-CNC4_Kane_Elegant

Species: unknown.
Gender: male
Eyes: Brown
Home World Tiberium Earth
Quote: "He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past.”

Kane has been Roach's shadow for centuries many whisper about this iconic figure. There are many speculation as to his purpose. Whether he is a puppet for Roach or whether Roach is Kane's puppet. But most believe him to simply to be Roach's adviser.
Kane is in charge of the Free People's Intelligence and Internal Defense branch (FPIID) with his lieutenat Anton Slavik in charge of Special Forces.
Anton Slavik
Race: Human
Gender: male
Home World: Tiberium Earth
Quote: "I live for Kane, and I die for Kane. The difference is trivial."

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  250px-AntonSlavik_CC2-FS_Cine1

Slavik is the leader of the Free Peoples Special Forces. He is a nod grand confessor and the leader of the black hand. He gained fame stopping a terrorist plot to sabatoge the construction of the Litany Of Defiance as the Head of Special forces Slavik is a figure both feared and loved by the people.

Slavic carries
A pair of DL-44 blaster pistols
4 Flash detonators
2 thermal Grenades
An Ak-47 assault rifle
and a Mosin Nagant sniper rifle

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  250px-Ajay

Race: Human
Gender male
Age: 50
Home World: Tiberium Earth

Ajay is Second in command aboard Roach's Flag Ship Litany Of Defiance and is also his nod liaison officer. Ajay has served as Roach's Liaison to nod for years and serves a his competent first officer.

Quote: "Admiral we have enemy ships in sector 47!"


The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Model01

Race: human
Gender: male
Age: 24
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 125 pounds
Home World: Ramius
Quote "In battle after battle war after war i have never feared we would be defeated after countless battles the Federation navy in the end always wins."

Dawson Is Roach's Third in command Aboard the Litany of Defiance. He has been a friend to Roach for several years having first served as a weapons aboard the Liberator Roach's former flagship that was destroyed during a colony uprising 4 years ago. He was promoted to Commander and now serves as the Litany's Second Officer.
Trevor knight
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Age: 26
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Home World: Kuat
Quote "Our only duty is to serve and Protect Admiral Roach and anyone he tells us to shield we are his shield and his hand but it would be presumptuous to call anyone but him his sword."

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Viewimage_story_elementphp

Trevor knight is in command of Roach's personal guard he took command of the Swan Knights when his father Roger Knight was killed in a battle with a Renegade Dark Jedi He has held the office ever since and brought many reforms to the Knights outdated code.

Jack Harkness
Age: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Race: Human
The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Pbucket

Jack Is an old friend to Roach and one of the few people roach feels comfortable talking to about personal matters. A long time past Roach and Jack were lovers it is unknown whether or not their will rekindle their old flame. Jack is a figure that comes and goes in Roach's life often he stays aboard the Litany of Defiance he is often seen drinking with Roach at the brewery or flirting with Roach's crew.

Tsar Putin
Age: 4700
Height: 6 feet
Home World: Ramius
Eyes: Green
Quote: "Ramius is a Proud World and the financial Capital of the Federation our people have made it a powerful world with much influence in the federation we may be the only world that could successfully declare Independence from the Federation but will we? NO! we are part of something greater now we must be leaders the Federation needs Us and we need the federation for any to say otherwise should be considered treason!" Putin after a sith lead uprising.

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  TsarPutin

Tsar Putin was the last Tsar of Russia before the red revolution after he fled Moscow he bode his time building an army he threw in with the forces of Marko Ramius during the great civil war he handed his sabre to Marko Ramius and took up the role As Russia's immortal adviser joining Kane and Roach.

Lance Roach
Race: 1/4 Elven
Age: 22 (immortal)
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Height: six feet nine inches
Home world: Arda

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  5

Lance Roach is Roach's youngest child and lives aboard the litany with his father. . Lance was genetically engineered using the DNA of Tom Roach and Jack Harkness. He serves as a security officer aboard the Litany Of Defiance.

Quote: "Yes i am the son of the most powerful man in the Federation once you are done Gawking can we go back to being Normal People?"

Lucas Roach
Race: Human (immortal)
age: 2701
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Home World: Arda
Quote "Nations Of New Eden you have spent far to many Years at war Unite With the Federation Be whole have purpose again! Stop your mindless squabbles and unite only then will you be strong."

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Model

Lucas Roach is the eldest son of Roach he serves as the Free Peoples Ambassador to the New Eden Empires. Lucas is a clone of Roach using his recessive human genes and a bit of cybernetic technology Lucas was given his fathers immortality but is not force sensitive Like Lance and Roach. He compensates with several cybernetic implants that allow him increased strength charisma and Agility. He is a skilled negotiator and mastered the diplomatic arts over years of practice and serving as the Liaison to the New Eden empires. When the third New Eden Civil war sparked 70 years ago he was there to manipulate the situation in a way that would swing the war in a way that would benefit his government. Lucas like Lance and Roach is openly Homosexual rather in both cases Roach engineered this personality trait into them is unknown. Lucas travels aboard the Carrack-class light cruiser Explorer It is has been redesigned as a diplomatic vessel while it retains its armament the interior has been re configured to suit the needs of an ambassador and a statesman. The Hull of the vessel has also been painted a brilliant violet the color of free peoples diplomatic immunity.

Kathryn Janeway

Quote: "Coffee, black."

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Kathryn_Janeway%2C_2377

A famous Starship captain brought back from cryo stasis to serve in the free peoples navy she was granted immortality by the Valar and has served in the Free Peoples Navy an Admiral Ever Since. Janeway Commands the free peoples 4th fleet and has close ties to the Privateer navy.



The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  General_Martok

Martok and his house we exiled by the usurper J'mpok and taken in by roach's government. Hundreds of Klingon officers came with him as well as several smaller houses and over time integrated into free peoples society. Martok is hold the Rank of General in the Free Peoples Army though he also serves as a naval commander. He Janeway And Gandalf the White For roach's Military council.

Disruptor Pistol
quote: "I will lead my house to glory no matter whether it is part of the empire or not."


age: 17000
Height: 6 feet 7 inches
Hair White
Home World: Arda

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  200px-Gandalf600ppx

Gandalf is Roach's oldest and dearest friend he has been roach's adviser for thousands of years. He now servers as a military strategist and adviser to the Free Peoples military and remains one of the most important assets to the Free Peoples.

The old mans walking stick


Christian Wilde

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  L

Age: 670
Height: 6-2
Eyes: grey

Christian wilde is a military recruitment advisor to High admiral Tom Roach.

Aiden Pierce

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Main

Age: 26
Height: 5'11
Weight' 195 pounds
Hair: brown
Eyes: Brown

Aiden is the third in command on the Federation Hammerhead-class Cruiser Balmorra



The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Mandalorianarmour

A Mandalorian clan accompanied the Federation on their journey to the Altair galaxy. In the past years the clan has grown large enough to need their own colony they petitioned the Federation government for colonization rights they were given leave to build their colony in the Hussar system. They have become a prominent force in federation society many Klingon warriors and the best mercenaries and bounty hunters joined their ranks their leader has been Named Mandalore of the Altair Galaxy they have pledged service to Roach and Train federation special forces troops. The most Famous Mandolorian in the Federation is Travis Farr the youngest son of Mandalore he gained notoriety as a Duelist in the Ramius dueling games winning over 700 death matches he is also the only human to ever win the Annual Bat'leth tournament defeating the running Trandoshan champion and gaining great honor.

Travis Farr

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  001-1
(Rare holo image of Travis outside of His Beskar'gam)

Age: 25
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Race: Human
Hair: black
Eyes: Brown
Home World: Rendilli
Profession: Duelist / Bounty hunter / Scout

Travis Farr is the Youngest son of Mandalore he is the Ramius Dueling champion and the only human to have ever won the annual bat'leth tournament. He often works as a bounty hunter and is commonly employed by Roach as an elite scout. After Mandalore pledged his loyalty to Roach, Travis became a common sight as part of Roach's entourage acting as a body guard and a liaison to the Farr clan.

Meridith Jorgana

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Female_jedi

Age: 36
Height: 6'0
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Race: Human
Home world: New Alderran

Meredith is one of the Jedi orders senior Jedi shadows she has apprehended many criminal lords and brought down many dark plots in her time.


Vasili Ulgo

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  304px-CinDrallig-Prima

Age: 51
Race: Echani
Height 6'2
Hair: White
Eyes: Silver
Home World: New Alderran

Vasili Ulgo is a the Jedi Shadow master he trained all the current Jedi Shadows and is a very powerful Jedi master.
Richard Ericson

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  ___vice_admiral_vergo____by_wyv1-d5

Race: Minmatar (Sebiestor Tribe)
Height 5'11
Eyes: green
Hair: black

Richard is a Federation Vice Admiral in command of the Federation 1st Response fleet.

Lord of the rings
Eve Online
Command and conquer (nod and the Scrin to heck with gdi)

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The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Empty Re: The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)

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Notable Star Ships

Litany Of Defiance
The Flag ship of the Free peoples navy that is constantly kept at the fore front of technological advancement, it is based off the Hull of a Caldari Titian Roach acquired in New Eden. The Entire vessel was redesigned at a hidden nod shipyard. A recent Refit has increased the Litany's capabilities exponentially. Its hanger bays were removed to add more redundant shield systems, Electronic warfare packages ammunition storage and Cargo Capacity. The new six Core liquid Tiberium reactor was constructed with the aid of Jove scientists the more compact reactor provides more than double the power output and allowed for the fitting of new Event Horizon "Leviathan" Drives. In addition several new weapon systems were installed to round out the vessels total upgrade.

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Leviathan

Class: Titan
Size: 20km
Power Plant: Six Core Liquid Tiberium reactor
Engines: Event Horizon "Leviathan" Drives
Role: Command And Control vessel

Armament: (Refit)
18x 'Arbalest' Citadel torpedo launcher Mk I
122x 'Arbalest' Heavy Missie launcher Mk II
30x 'Arbalest' Heavy Cruise missile Launcher Mk II
690x 'Arbalest' Light missile launcher Mk III
300x 75mm Point Defense rail guns
64X phaser arrys
6x Tricobalt Device launchers
4x Transphasic Torpedo tubes
24x Phaser cannon turrets
12x Jovian beam arrays
2x Forward 2400mm Howitzers

1x Oblivion Missie system (Using a targeting and tracking control system more advanced than any other in existence, this weapon launches and controls a storm of self replicating missile fire capable of neutralizing almost any target these powerful war heads are more powerful even than Transphasic Torpedoes But Firing this weapon causes the Litany's reactor to over heat rendering her immobile for 30 seconds and Locking up he cloaking device and warp drive for 10 minuets. It is for this reason the oblivion device is reserved for emergency situation only.) a test firing of the Litany's Oblivion missiles with their war head removed.

Defense system
Modified Romulan cloaking device.
V-M15-A6V4 Adaptive Multispectral Shield Matrix
Energized Adaptive Nano Armor plating

Special features.
The litany houses a Dwarven brewery. A history museum, as well a embassies to all the factions that make up the Free Peoples.


Pyotr The Great

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Lusankya_gross

Formerly meant to be the super star destroyer Inquisitor and now The flagship of Admiral Grigori Yanishev and the pride of the Russian navy, this Executor-class Star Dreadnought was stolen by Spetznaz commandos from the KDY yards on Fondor; During the early years of the New Republic. All record of the operation was erased from the imperial networks making it seem as though the vessel had never existed at all. Any surviving imperial personnel that new about the ships construction were assassinated by the FSB. This vessel is never seen with out its three Strident star defender escort. Following the battle at the world of New Song the Pyotr has been scheduled for refit The hanger bays are being downsized a new six core reactor installed and a complete weapons overhaul.

Class: Star Dreadnought
Length: 17km
Engines: Even Horizon "Rohirrim" Capital drives
Power Plant: Six core liquid tiberium reactor

Armament (refit)
Megamaser cannons (2,800, fire-linked in groups of 8 )
Heavy Megamaser cannons (2,800, fire-linked in groups of 8 )
Assault concussion missile tubes (250)
Heavy Disruptor cannons (250)
Phylon Transport Q7 tractor beam projectors (40)
Point-defense maser cannons (500)
Transphasic Torpedo tubes (6)
Phaser arrays (72)
Tiberium rocket pods (4)
Quad 1400mm howitzers (38)

Complement (100) Strike craft

Defensive systems
Romulan cloaking device.
Rolled Mithril armor plates
Multi-spectral adaptive shields


The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Chimera2

Class: Chimera class carrier
Power plant Dual core Liquid tiberium reactor.
Engines: Event Horizon "Mongol" Drives
Shields: Free Peoples navy Multispectral shield array

Armament 300x 75mm point defense Gatling rail guns

Complement 530 fighters
72X CF9 Crossfire starfighter
34X Rihkxyrk-class [censored] fighter
112X XJ7 x-wing star fighter
112x M12-L Kimogila Heavy
20x M22-T Krayt Gunship
100X HLAF 500 Starfighter
100X A-wing Mk II interceptor

The Elendil Is The flag ship of the Free peoples 55th roving line it is commanded by Captain-general Arglev. It was recently outfitted with new more modern strike craft.


The steadfast is Roach's customized XJ7 X-wing

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Xwing

Powerplant: Taim & Baik X4-A6 reactor
Engines: SoroSubb Lightning Drives
Shields: Over charged Incom Guardian II shield array.

4x Borstel "Eliminator" Mk III disruptor cannons
3x Proton torpedo launchers


Voyager is the personal flagship of Admiral Kathryn Janeway, it is the vessel that surveyed the delta quadrant and now serves her well in the Free Peoples Navy. Voyager has received quite an overhaul from Arda Systems Engineering and Ramius Starworks they took on the challenge of packing as much survivability as the Litany of Defiance in a ship no were near the size but with the help of Tiberium reactors, Multi Spectral shield arrays and Nanobot repair systems they were able to achieve what many thought impossible

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Intrepid_class_top_quarter_aft

Class: Intrepid Class
Power plant: V-6 Liquid Tiberium Reactor
Engines: Event Horizon "Steadfast" Drives
Shields: Free Peoples navy Multispectral shield array
Length: 322m
Other Defensive systems: Ablative armor generator.

Armament (free Peoples refit)

16x MK XII Phaser Array's
24x Jovian Beam array's
4x Transphaisc Torpedo launchers


Corsair III

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Neutronstar

The Corsair III Is a Neutron star bulk cruiser formerly of the New Republic navy that ended up marooned in the Altair Galaxy. It has been heavily modified over the tree decades it has been marooned transforming from a short range inefficient frigate to a long range heavy cruiser with powerful Jovian shields, computer and a Jovian power plant it is a one of a kind vessel with an elite crew.


15x heavy ion cannons
15x Dual Turbolasers
10x Quad laser Cannons
6x Concussion missile tubes (modified to fire medium misses from New Eden)
2x True Sansha Focused Medium beam lasers
2x Salvage scanners
6x tractor beams

Cargo capacity 5000 metric tons with fighter bay modified to more cargo space.


Sundering Assault

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  250px-Pretor_mkII

The First Praetor II-class battle cruiser was commissioned after the battle of new song to serve as a fourth ship in the Litany of Defiance's squadron. The Praetor-II is more heavily armed and shielded than its predecessor and the i]Oathbreaker's Shame[/i], Guardian's Pledge and Thrill of Danger are being recommissioned as Praetor-II Battle Cruisers with the now outdated Praetor Mk I's being reassigned as command ships for battle lines.

Class: Heavy Battle Cruiser
Length: 4800 m
Engines: event horizon Capital Drives
Powerplant: Prototype Jovian hypermatter Annihilator reactor
Hyperdrive: Class .92
Complement: (32) A-wing Mk II's (32) B-wings (32) Y-wings (32) XJ7 X-wings

220x turreted double Mega maser cannons
220x turreted Ion cannons
20x tractor beam projectors
2x Gravity Well Generators
24x Photon torpedo launchers
8x Quad 3500mm Siege Artillery (arranged in batteries like the octuple on the ISD II)
480X Point Defense maser cannons
8x tricoblat device launchers
2x Transphasic torpedo launchers
40x Advanced concussion missile launchers


Memory Of Druckenwell

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  SuperStarDestroyer-ArveyPhoto

The Memory of Druckenwell is an Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts that the federation captured from the Sith forces under the Command of Queen Mother Svetlana at the Battle of Druckenwell the ship was captured by Federation commandos led by Jedi master Di'kantor it now serves as the flagship of the Federation 35th Roving Line a secretive battle group that bounces from the Altair Galaxy to the home galaxy. Officially this vessel was scrapped after the federations Retreat to the Altair galaxy but those who have seen the 35th Roving line tell stories of the renegade Dreadnought and its exploits.

Dual Turbolaser cannons (2,800, fire-linked in groups of 8 )
Heavy Turbolaser cannons (2,800, fire-linked in groups of 8 )
Assault concussion missile tubes (250)
Heavy Ion cannons (250)
Phylon Transport Q7 tractor beam projectors (40)
Point-defense maser cannons (500)
Queen Ann's Revenge

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Imperial_Star_Destroyer_by_Maste

The The Queen Ann's Revenge is a Federation Star Defender equipped with a Klingon cloaking device used during the Federations war with the Sansha as a mobile base for star fighter operations and Provided fire power to destroy Sansha productions the Queen Ann's Revenge serves as a member of the Litany of Defiance's wing squadron.

Class - Ship of the line
Length 1,600 meters
Hyperdrive:Class .92, Backup Class 1.0
Power plant: SFS I-a2b solar ionization reactor
Shielding FPN-M14 Multispectral Shield Matrix
Crew 37,085
Minimum crew 5,000
Passengers 9,700
Cargo capacity 36,000 tons
Consumables 6 years

Complement (36) HLAF-500's (36) Y-wings

Octuple barbette turbolaser cannons ( 8 )
Heavy turbolaser batteries (25)
Point defense Laser cannons (140)
turbolaser batteries (72)
Heavy ion cannons (15)
Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors (2)
Photon torpedo launchers (2)


The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Pbucket

The Poltava is a Federation Victory Class Star Defender that was constructed at the Ramius shipyards. It was the first vessel to be constructed after the move to the Altair galaxy. Often commissioned a diplomatic envoy ship for High Admiral Roach it is technically the back up flagship for the entire fleet, should the Litany of Defiance be lost or under refit this vessel had been modified to serve as a flagship. Outfitted with the most modern shield, weapon and sensor systems its is far more potenet than the standard Federatrion VSD's.


Engine unit(s)
Arda Systems Engineering "Buccaneer Drives"

Hyperdrive rating
Class .70
Backup Class 1.0

Power Plant
Ramius Starworks Liquid Tiberium Reactor

Complement: Avenger squadron (Elite Tie Defender Squadron) , Frontiersmen Squadron (Elite E-wing Series 4 squadron)

Quad Megamaser batteries (20)
Double heavy megamaser batteries (40)
Ion cannons (20)
Photon torpedo tubes (6)
Transphasic torpedo tubes (2)
Phaser banks (24)

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Enterprise_B_side01_final

The Smolensk was perhaps the first Federation ship to enter the Altair Galaxy. It is currently under the command of Vice Admiral Richard Ericson a young but accomplished officer that gained great renown fighting the Sansha. He led several successful covert strikes against Sansha production facilities, he now leads the Federation 1st response fleet.


40x Brotherhood obelisk mk 11 phaser banks
4x Ishukone modular Torpedo launchers (2, fore 2, aft)


--I.K.S. Rotarran--

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  Klingon_Bird-of-Prey_28Ki27tang29

Crew: 75

1x Quad Disruptor cannon
1x Photon torpedo tube
1x Dual disruptor beam bank


1x Photon torpedo tube
1x Dual disruptor turret
After the Destruction of the Original Rotarran in the fourth battle of Drukenwell Martok commissioned a New Bird of Prey this ship was formerly known as the I.K.S. Duras after he took command Martok renamed the vessel in honor of the ship that had served him so faithfully. The new Rotarran is a Ki'tang-class Bird of Prey a far more modern model than the original Rotarran it has been fitted with advanced sensors and unique quad disruptor cannons that draw power directly from the ship's engines. It also carries a cloaking device like all klingon vessels


Harald Hardrada

The Free Peoples (roach and his flunkies)  6de52b5d225ee0933ed630d136b5d5501361302873

The F.F.S.S Harald Hardrada Is an experimental starship built by a coalition Andorian and Turian starship design team. It integrates some of the newest technology in the Federation, Caldari adaptive shields, Gallente ablative armor, Amarr regenerative hull matrices and Minmatar weapon synchronization computers. All this coupled with the newest liquid tiberium antimatter induction core and a pair of extremely powerful Tachyon Induction Phaser Cannons on her wings make it one of the most deadly ships to come off of the federation assembly lines. This ship is also equipped with a phaser dispersal array combined with its synchronization computers this allows this ship to have some of the most accurate weapons fire in the fleet.

4x Multi Mission Torpedo launchers (2 fore, 2 aft)
2x Tachyon Induction Phaser Wing Cannons (Forward Arc)
4x Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons (Forward arc)
12x Phaser beam arrays (2 port, 2 starboard, 2 aft, 2 dorsal, 2 ventral ,2 Fore)
4x Phaser Dual Beam Banks (Forward arc)
1x Multimission mine launcher (Aft)
2x Phaser Quad Cannons (Forward arc)
2x Thanix Cannons
1x Disruptor Torpedo Launcher

Defensive Systems
Gallente Ablative Armor
Caldari Adaptive Shields
Amarr Regenerative Hull Matrices

Liquid Tiberium Antimatter Induction Core


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