The Free Peoples

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The Free Peoples

Post by Roach on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:40 pm

The planets and solar systems held by the Free Peoples. (i really have to reduce the size of the new eden empires to make them fit in our galaxy since they are a galaxy of their own in their cannon but it will work.)

Ramius - Commercial Center and military Capital.
Arda - Capital

Paragon Soul Cluster 25 settled systems (the arm were Arda lies and stretches to and ends at Ramius)
Ramius: Federation Military and Financial capital (Largest Federation Shipyards)
Arda: Federation capital (Primary military training facilities, Third largest federation shipyards, Home of Arda Systems Engineering)

Stain Region 12 settled systems
Radiu: military research center

Amarr Republic. 484 settled systems
Amarr Prime (major shipyards)
The bleak lands (Major mining operations)

Gallente Federation territory. 507 Settled systems
Luminaire: Gallente Federation capital
Alentene: (Alenete and its moons are covered by Roden Sipyards the third largest ship builder in the federation)

Minmatar Republic 291 Settled systems
Pator: Capital (major trade centers and minor ship yards)
Brutor: (Fourth largest federation shipyards)

Caldari state 503 settled systems
New Caldari: Military research facilities Ishukone corporation headquarters
Malkalen system: Military and civilian research facilities and Fifth largest shipyards

Jovian Collective 3 settled systems (Jovian Society is small but far superior in terms of tech to any other federation faction)
Jove: (Second Largest federation shipyards)

Hussar Sector: 62 settled systems
Hussar Prime: Federation Colonial Expansion base.

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