Territory of the United Federation of Nations

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Territory of the United Federation of Nations

Post by The Nameless Sith Lord on Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:59 am

Senex Sector:

Japan System
-Tokyo (Capital)
-12 unnamed planets

Deep Core Security Zone:

Beshqek system
-Byss (Military)

Corellia Sector:

Corellian System
-Corellia (Shipyards)
-Talus & Tralus

Tapani Sector:

Fondor system
-Fondor (Shipyard)


Myrkr system
-Myrkr (Production)


Bilbringi system
-Bilbringi Asteroid Field (Shipyard)

Kessel Sector:

Kessel system
-Kessel (Production)

Esstran sector:

Horuset system
-Korriban (Research)

Ojoster Sector:

Taris system
-Taris (Research)

Wayland system

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