True Sith Empire Territory

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True Sith Empire Territory

Post by Comrade Greiv on Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:59 am

Systems of the True Sith Empire

Nar Shaluka System:

Nar Shaluka System

  - Nar Shaluka(Capital)

  == A Arid/Temperate World with majority of the world's population being spread out in various small cities with only two cities of note: Y'Harin(Capital - located on a temperate plain) and Tal'Karneth(Located on the Desert Coast of the world's single ocean[covers 75% of the world's surface]).


  == (No Description as of yet)

  - Haltre

  == (No Description as of yet)

  - Kanghur

  == A desert world with only no form of settlement with the exception of the TSE Marine Corps's training complex.

  - Hanyu

  == (No description as of yet)

  - Garthal

  == (No Description as of yet)

Taletis System:

Taletis System

 - Taletis

  == This world has a very diverse ecosystem make-up with each of the climate types shown on it.  The planet is also enormous in comparision to any other in TSE Space(about 3x Earth's diameter) with an overall population of over 20 billion spread out through numerous Cities(Most Notable is Rufet with a population of 900 million) on the main continents and in small cities in the numerous island chains(Most notable is the Karaka Island Chain).  Almost all of the native Taletisian Humans are descendants of famous people in the world's history.

  - Lentra


  - Gehran


  - Tar


  - Karneth


  - Sarte


Shaluka System:

Shaluka System

  - Shaluka


  - Kentec

  == The most populated planet of the system(10 Billion) and also location of the Kentec HyperTravel Corporation's orbital shipyards.

  - A6-78

  == One of the major fortress worlds located outside of the Artent System, A6-78 is one of the most important worlds within a system of close proximity to the TSE's Capital system of Nar Shaluka,  Many strange anomolies have ocurred on this world since the TSE Armored Infanty had thier main training center and garrison moved to here.

  - Bentuk

  == The primary producer of light and medium military vehicles for the TSE armed forces.

  - Hader

  == An entirely artic world where the TSE's primary Research and Development center(~200,000 personel on staff at all times throughout the main facility and the 20 Peak Facilities) is located.  Its location on the surface makes it almost impossible to detect by hostile sensors due to weather conditions and topography.

  - Shiral


Artent System:

Artent System

Kintara System:

Kintara System

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