Universal Conflict General Rules

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Universal Conflict General Rules

Post by Quantum Rain on Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:06 am

General Regulations:

Reg. G-001:
No god modding is allowed period, so no invincibility, no controlling other peoples stuff, none of that unless permission from the other is given.
Reg. G-002:
Copyrights may be claimed for the purpose of ensuring none of the unique technology, characters, or planets are taken unless through combat or trade.
Reg. G-003:
Any and all tech reports are hereby voided and unnecessary.
Reg. G-004:
It is required for new players to participate in the academy BEFORE being able to post in the other sections of the RP.

Combat Regulations:

Reg. C-001:
Per every space battle, every player included is allowed, at max, 16K ships to use at that battle. Maximum of ten players per battle.
--Addendum C-001-01:
----The fleet must not go below at least three different ship classes. (I.E. Frigates, Cruisers, Capitals, etc.)
--Addendum C-001-02:
----Maximum of 4K defense stations of at least 3 different types per star system. (Turrets, platforms, starbases being one acceptable form. (No 'All three types of starbases allowed.'))
Reg. C-002:
Any and all technology is hereby equalized when used in PVP combat. (Basically, a turbolaser = turbolaser, but a pistol =/= a gattling gun.)
Reg. C-003:
Any and all technology is allowed.
--Exception C-003-01:
----Any technology that literally freezes time or anything to that effect is prohibited in PVP combat.
--Exception C-003-02:
----Any technology that instantly repairs/recreates/produces ships (Other than strikecraft) during battle is prohibited in PVP combat.
--Addendum C-003-03:
----Technology that provides temporary invincibility is not allowed.
Reg. C-004:
Superweapons are Storyline only constructs, and are not permissible in PVP combat whatsoever.
Reg. C-005:
Uberweapons are allowed on flagships only.
--Addendum C-005-01:
----Uberweapons top out at the capability of destroying 6K ships.
--Addendum C-005-02:
----Uberweapons (Ubershields) are not limited in number, however, only one can be deployed per SIDE per battle. Furthermore, you may only use one per battle. (You chose from either a UW or a US)
--Addendum C-005-03:
----Charge time for an UW is a minimum of four posts. US's charge in three.
Reg. C-006:
You are allowed up to three flagships per battle, separate of fleet count. Flagships are defined as any specialty ship, mobile station, etc.
Reg. C-007:
Land combat is limited to 1 million units on the field at any given moment, on one continent (size of Asia at most, size of Europe at least), per player.
--Addendum C-007-01:
----Land armies must have at LEAST 3 different classes of units. Again, try to mix it up guys.
--Exception Reg. C-007-02:
----Super units, being defined as whose powers are like mini-neurosuits, overpowered mechs, one-man armies, etc, are limited to five at any given moment per battle as defined above.
--Addendum C-007-03:
----Uberweapons used on land take the form of a weapon (i.e. cannon, laser, etc.), not a super-powered unit as defined above.
--Addendum C-007-04:
----A constant stream of reinforcements is permissible as long as their means of transport, i.e. portals, ships, teleportation, etc, are capable of being slowed, damaged, and possibly even stopped entirely.

Storyline Regulations:

Reg. S-001:
Storylines are defined as being made through a sign-up page and including at least two players. Furthermore the SL will require to have both players post at least once for it to be considered in progress.
-Addendum S-001-01:
--Storylines being progressed by a single player needs to have administrator approval. (This is to ensure that it is not used as a means to escape PVP combat.)
-Addendum S-001-02:
--Closed storylines that were pre-arranged are not required to have a sign-up sheet, but without an administrator having knowledge of what's going on, they will not be listed on the chapter page. (If requirements are met anyway.) (Still requires approval of all parties involved)
Reg. S-002:
Storylines may not be interrupted through PVP combat.
(This is to ensure that no complications between what is allowed, what is not, what's fair, etc. arise.)
-Addendum S-002-01:
--Storylines that are interrupted through PVP are then thrown into a temporal flux where, once they leave, the PVP battle took place and ended already.
Reg. S-003:
Any technology is obviously allowed in storylines so long as it does not destroy the galaxy permanently to the point that it disrupts other storylines or PVP battles.
Reg. S-004:
Storylines may not be 'invaded' without one of the participant's approval, to ensure that continuity is upheld.
Reg. S-005:
No storyline may be forced onto another to use as a coward's means of attacking someone.

Player Regulations:

Reg. P-001:
Limited to claiming 5 copyrights per day.
--Addendum P-001-01:
----Previous players have first dibs on ten of their old copyrights.
--Addendum P-001-02:
----There are three 'open-to-all' copyrights, from which players are originally based off of. These are as follow: Star Wars, Star Trek, and Stargate.
Reg. P-002:
Limited to claiming 10 characters per day. (Canon only, fannon has no limit.)
Reg. P-003:
AI factions are allowed, but in PVP combat, only one faction of a player is allowed to be present at the battle unless it is a storyline.
--Addendum P-003-01:
----Multiple AI factions of a specific player are allowed in a battle if they are on opposite sides and with no other players involved except for the one that started the conflict.
--Addendum P-003-02:
----Multiple players are permissible with the other players permission, and foreknowledge of what's going on.
Reg. P-004:
You are limited to claiming five star systems per week. These star systems containing no more than twenty planets each.
--Addendum P-004-01:
----It is preferable to annex the systems through multiple posts instead of one. (This can be either through diplomacy, conquest, colonization, etc) Otherwise, just do it in at least two posts, one to start, and one to finalize.
--Addendum P-004-02:
----You start off with ten systems, max of twenty planets each of course.
Reg. P-005:
There are five different types of major star systems. These are as follow: Capitals, Shipyards, Military, Research, and Production. These types of major systems inherit additional defenses, being an extra 4K for Capitals, 3K for Shipyards and Production, and 2K for important Military installations and Research Facilities.
--Addendum P-005-01:
----You are limited to one major star system of each type per sector. A sector's minimum number of systems is ten star systems.
--Addendum P-005-02:
----Your faction's capital system acts as your first sector capital, and gets 8K extra defenses rather than 4K.
Reg. P-006:
These lists are required: Character, copyright, planet, unit, and faction lists/descriptions. An example set-up will be provided, as well as a list of all of the mandatory information that each list will require. Players who are special cases may be exempt from having to post certain lists, please contact an administrator if you believe so.

Character Regulations:

Reg. C-001:
Characters must have a short description and a small biography to count as characters. Pictures are optional.
Reg. C-002:
Forbidden Mystical Objects (True Runes, Consciousness, uber swords, etc) are limited to storylines ONLY. Under no circumstances are they to be used in ANY form of PVP aside from characters versus characters.
Reg. C-003:
In character versus character battles, overpowering through technology, abilities, and intelligence is permissible, whereas in PVP, it is normally outwitting an enemy through such.

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