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"Justin" Bailey

Post by agentaaa on Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:10 pm

Name: Lioran Bailey, sometimes called Justin
Age: 19
Homeworld: Born on the federation starship FSS Endeavour
Chosen god: Aeon

Galactic federation blaster:
Based on older federation rifles, this Blaster fires energized projectiles at incredible speeds, and is one of the strongest weapons in the known galaxy. Lioran has added a bayonet to his, which is formed of energy.
"Hell's left hand"
A mech of his own design, command allowed him to use this, though noted that "the design itself is overly flashy" Which hasn't bothered Lioran at all. The design includes built in boosters, 2 shoulder mounted cannons using his own version of a plasma beam, and a missile launcher built into the arm. The missiles themselves are incredibly large versions of the missiles used in Samus Aran's powersuit.
Overcharge pistol:
A weapon of his own design, it's got the capability to punch through even mech armor. It takes roughly half a minute to charge, however, and has a very small clip capacity. The blast fired is made up of incredibly compressed energy.

Technopathy- Lioran can speak to and power machines with his mind. This ability does not give him "Control" over them, but it gives him the ability to interact with what are normally considered inanimate objects as if they're people themselves. He can convince them to help him in many ways, diagnose their problems, etc. etc. he can power machines with his mind, however, this ability does have a limit as to how much, or how long, it can power the machines, and if he attempts to go over said limit, he can "fry" his brain, rendering him unconscious for days.

Lioran Bailey was born on the GFS Endeavour, at the exact same time Samus disappeared. Later on in his life, he began to feel that this meant he was destined to be Samus' "replacement" and defend the galaxy in her place. He displayed a natural ability with machines, and joined the new galactic federation armored corps as soon as it was formed. After modifying his own mech to increase it's abilities y150%, he eventually decided that the galactic federation model was beneath him and chose to make a new mech entirely, and used his new mecha to eventually become the ranked number one mech pilot amongst the ranks.
Lioran is a bit arrogant, and has yet to truly mature. He's got a lot of pride in his abilities, and at times let's this get him into situations he can't handle. Nonetheless, he is always working for the greater good, and wishes only to become a great hero.
Aeon Summoned him to fight amongst his legions, and Lioran knew better than to refuse, so he now pilots his mech for Aeon, with a trace of bitterness, but at the same time hope that he'll be able to become the hero he believes he is born to be while he is fighting in the universe of Avalon.

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Justin Bailey

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