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Justin Darek

Post by Quantum Rain on Wed May 04, 2011 11:04 am

Name: Justin Darek
Age: 10,013 years (14 in appearance)
Homeworld: Installation A-01 (Examera)
Chosen God: Chaos


  • Energy Transition Weapon (X2)
    (Changes from one type of energy to another. (Non-elemental))
  • High-Powered Multi-purpose rifle
    (An assault/sniper rifle designed to fire mid-sized, 40mm rounds that contain plasma energy surrounded by a Tungsten shell. Has semi-automatic, three-burst, five-burst, and manual fire.)


  • Warrior of the Lost
    (Justin is more of a ranged fighter, taking out enemies using mystic and conventional means to his advantage. While he doesn't lack in melee combat, it's a matter of preference for him. For this, Justin has a technique that will allow him to improve the firepower of his rifle as well as accuracy and speed using his mystic strength. He can literally manipulate the rounds as he desires, composition, speed, size, he can even multiply them and change their shape. He can also stealth himself entirely. This stealth wears off as soon as he fires, however.)
  • Hopeful Resolutions
    (Justin is an adaptive fighter, changing his styles and techniques as the situation calls. This ability allows him to achieve greater levels of that trait, enabling him to change anything around him, using equivalent exchange laws, to what he needs. If he desires a barrier, it's up in a second. A giant, metal fist for a hand, it's done using the elements around him. Etc etc.)

Biography: Justin is in a similar state as Lara, though his story is a little different. He was killed and then revived on a war-torn planet. Without any knowledge of what exactly just happened, Justin started wandering aimlessly, trying to find a way off that planet, when he found a portal leading to God knows where. This portal actually took him to Avalon, and specifically, to Chaos. Without any need to coerce the confused warrior, Justin joined Chaos. However, he retains his morals still, and as do those that he commands. More of a light-chaotic person, if you will.

Justin is trying to find sense in himself, in others, and in this war, but most of all, he seeks a way to talk or find his friends and family whom he fought with during much of the wars long past. Chaos promised this to him, to give him the chance to achieve that which he desires, and for this, Justin fights for Chaos. However, he never accepts any missions he views as dark, and his commanders don't seem to mind this, given his skill and success rate thus far...

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