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Name: Sona Anterian
Age: 16
Homeworld: Land of the five great Shinobi countries
Chosen god: Aeon
Appearance: brown haired, thin youth. short and unusually pale. blue eyes, normally with bags under them due to insomnia.

Kunai - This knife-like weapon can be thrown or used for strikes, and is Sona's weapon of choice. Sona carries 2 of these.
Shuriken - Sona carries quite a few shuriken with him for use in several maneuvers. Though he has more of these than kunai, they are light and small projectiles, and even basic armor tends to put a dent in their combat efficiency

Water dragon Jutsu: Sona uses his water jutsu proficiency to Generate a large amount of water in the shape of a limbless dragon with a large neck, using it's strength to overwhelm enemies with the crushing force of several hundred pounds of water.
This is a very high powered jutsu, and it drains him greatly. Thus, it's mostly used only when all other efforts fail in defeating his foe.
Water jutsu: Sona has an array of small water based attacks he can use against his foes.
Hydrate acceleration: Sona can increase his reflexes and Speed for a few seconds by Heavily increasing blood flow in the brain, and manipulating the water inside his body to move his body faster.

Bio: Sona is the reincarnation of the great water sage, Anterian, and is linked directly to the nine tailed fox in ancient prophecy. He is currently a ninja of the village hidden in the leaves, and is just beginning to tap into his true potential.

He was brought here by Aeon to fight, but really simply wants to go back to the land of the five great shinobi countries. Still, he hates injustice and hopes to be able to do what he can to right wrongs in the service of Aeon.

Being trained by konoha, Sona knows several water based jutsu, as well as the 3 basic jutsu of konoha: Replacement jutsu, transformation jutsu, and clone jutsu.

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