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Name: Sona
Homeworld: Land of the five shinobi nations
Chosen God: Aeon


  • Weapon 1
    Sona's learned to carry more kunai than he used to, and has five or six of the small, knifelike blades on him at any time. these can be used to throw, or in melee combat, both of which Sona is quite proficient in.
  • Weapon 2
    Sona's also carries thirty to forty shuriken in various places on his body, ready for use on any opponent he meets. while more plentiful than his kunai, these are also smaller and do less damage upon hitting an opponent.
  • Weapon 3
    Exploding tags.
    Enchanted with special seals, these tags can cause an explosion when properly primed, and given specific trigger conditions. Sona normally carries two or three of these anywhere he goes.


  • Ability 1
    Academy techniques:
    The basic ninja techniques: Replacement, clone, and transformation, are available to Sona to use. Learning to hone his chakra properly has, further, taught him how to climb up surfaces by using chakra within his feet, as well as using this same method to give him a temporary boost of speed.
  • Ability 2
    Water manipulation Techniques: Sona has learned several techniques which allow him to use water in various ways to attack his opponent. These all cost him chakra to use, but Sona tends to use subtler techniques so that he can save his, and thus can use a great magnitude of these techniques before fatigue sets in

Special Ability:
Water Dragon technique: Sona's special ability, he creates a massive dragon of water using a great amount of his own chakra and sends it at his enemy to crush him with thousands of pounds of water moving at a high speed.


Sona was originally from the land of the five shinobi countries, and is in fact the reincarnation of the great water sage, though he's only beginning to learn his power. Still, he completed several missions in Konoha and was considered as something of a hero before being taken from there by Aeon. He and Aeon actually met personally to discuss said employment, and it's been implied that Sona asked for something in return from Aeon in exchange for the help - though what that is he refuses to tell anyone. Since beginning to work for Aeon, his powers have grown further, and he's finished several high-class missions, though that hasn't raised his cripplingly low self-esteem any.

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Re: Sona

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Approvedo maximo.


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