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Shale Virres

Post by agentaaa on Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:13 pm

Name: Shale Virres
Physical age: 28
Actual age: 296
Homeworld: Entterin
Chosen god: Anima
Gender: Male



Wind slash - Shale is a master with his blade, and can cut in such a manner it creates a slash of wind from his weapon.
Increased speed- Due to the relationshp he has formed with the spirits of the wind, the air does not obstruct his movement, allowing him to move much faster than someone without this advantage.
Tremor - creates a large fissure in the ground to swallow up his opponent. due to the damage it does, Shale will never use it willingly, even with his own life at stake.

Shale was born on the world of Enterrin, and quickly grew to become a strong warrior, rising high in his military leadership, before quitting, claiming the paperwork was "too stressful"
He was originally a very hot-blooded warrior first into battle and last to retreat, but he has mellowed out over the years, becoming very relaxed and peaceful, even in the midst of battle. He only wishes to train younger people, and needs to be pushed in some way to fight himself. This is usually done by harming one of his students, or being forced to do it by Anima. If his reason for fighting is the last, he can be quite a jerk about it and follow orders to the exact letter.
Despite his laidback attitude, he cares for all creatures, and hates those who recklessly destroy all around them. He wishes for nothing more than peace, so all can live in harmony and without pain in their lives
Anima convinced him to join her cause after several months of argument, his argument being he didn't want to do it.

Shale is quite skilled with his Scimitar, and has mastered the wind slash, making him quite a high level opponent even amongst the myriad heroes already on Avalon. He has also learned a move known as "tremor" which temporarily takes control of a large part of the earth and has it eat his opponent. This, however, blights the earth and kills it and anything living on it, so unless somehow controlled, he will not use this move even on pain of death.

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