Elrohir Lúinwë the nation of the elves

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Elrohir Lúinwë the nation of the elves

Post by devilslayer on Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:01 pm

Elrohir Lúinwë has been around for five-hundred years, its forces consist mainly of Elvish people, however the forces do contain a large number of other creatures. The forces of Elrohir Lúinwë are always sober, as alcohol was banned from the kingdom years ago, their forces are extremely powerful, and have little technology, as they have put most of their time and effort into mastering physical combat and magic. The Elrohir Lúinwë have wiped out most other tribes of elves, especially the ones who don't follow the same lifestyles as them, because of this they have gotten tribes of elves coming in as to not be destroyed. The elves of Elrohir Lúinwë have enchanted their armor and weapons to make them more effective, most of the elves prefer archery, however they have strong forces of swordsmen as well. Few nations have withstood the strength of the Elrohir Lúinwë because of their magic, archery, and great beasts, this has gotten them quite a reputation, however, even through their fame, they do not become overly confident, planning out their battles with many great war minds of the Elrohir Lúinwë kingdom.

The Elrohir Lúinwë is ruled by a council of 23 elders of the tribe and one Lord, the lord Fëanáro Ancalimë takes care of the larger matters, while the council deals with court, law, and other struggles in the kingdom, if the council notices the lord is making bad decisions, or seems to be becoming corrupt, they have the ability to dethrone him. Lord Fëanáro Ancalimë deals with matters of war, food rations, punishments for the law and a wide array of other matters.

Elrohir Lúinwë has one god, Camthalion Ancalimë, the God of Creation, they have many building that are used to worship Camthalion Ancalimë.

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