Two-part Storyline "War and Peace: Remaking a Nation" and "Reconnecting to the World"

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Two-part Storyline "War and Peace: Remaking a Nation" and "Reconnecting to the World" Empty Two-part Storyline "War and Peace: Remaking a Nation" and "Reconnecting to the World"

Post by Comrade Greiv on Wed May 13, 2015 7:54 am

"War and Peace: Remaking a Nation"


In a relatively isolated corner of the world, the Natralis Imperium had reached its peak.  This ascendance in power, however was not without cost - dissent was brewing and threatened to engulf the entire nation and its citizenry in a war that which had not graced the world in a long time.  With great haste the Emperor and his loyal subjects tried their hardest to quell the sparks of this coming conflict but to no avail, then it happened.

The date is March 16th, 1983 in the city of Rufet in the province of the same name.  The Sparks of Civil War had finally caught, and the Natralis Imperium descended into chaos for a nearly 12 year war that brought the birth of a new nation, the Rufetic Federation.  This war saw no side of neutrality and through its run as though there would have been no end beyond total annihilation of the nation's Populace, over two hundred million of those who lived in the nation perished in this conflict a detail none will ever forget.

Meanwhile, in the peaceful Imperium Protectorate Island nation of Sihaln, trouble began to brew as an unknown organization began to usher in a chaos with the intent of taking the peaceful nation for themselves...  Only to lead it to one of the world's worst tragedies.  For several years, war was waged as an Army of Imperium Soldiers and a Brigade of SpecForce operators, all under Field Marshal Alec Kaidan, fought to uproot this rouge element and restore peace to Sihaln.

In the end, came the need for Reconstructing the war-torn nation when the war finally came to its bloody end on July 18th, 2005.  With this end came a need for the survivors to rebuild the nation to ensure a hopeful future, and for the demobilization for the military that numbered in the tens of millions strong.  For them, a greater struggle was just beginning.

(This is a solo story, telling the background of the war involving the Rufetic Federation and its predecessor, the Natralis Imperium.)

"Reconnecting to the World"


With its reconstruction efforts well underway, the Rufetic Federation began to look its borders to find potential friends and allies within the world and finally become a part of the world stage.  Ambassadors are sent to every corner of the world bringing invitations for leaders of the other nations to meet with the Political and Military heads of the new nation with the hopes of making agreements of alliance and/or friendship with any who are willing to accept the invitations.

(Open to all.  Will not start until after the completion of "Operation: WHITEOUT"/"Darkest Night")

[12:16:59 AM] Cameron Griffis: One look at her and...
[12:17:24 AM] Cameron Griffis: ...and my heart sprays blood all over my screen.
[12:18:06 AM] RecCom 1138: You might want to get the cannonball-sized hole through your heart checked out....
[12:18:27 AM] Quantum Rain: Indeed, I want my cannonball back.
[12:18:36 AM] Cameron Griffis: Son, it's been there since last summer. Nothing new.
[12:18:52 AM] Quantum Rain: Yes, I've been waiting a year for you to return my cannonball!

-- Much Later --

Greiv die Server Zerstörer: How's the Cannonball wound?
Greiv die Server Zerstörer: And the Cannonball you've yet to return to Rain?
Quantum Rain: I'm charging several year's interest for that shit btw.
Quantum Rain: Keep it up and I'll get a whole fucking galleon...
Cameron Griffis: Yeah, returning Rain's precious cannonball is soooooo high on my list of priorities.
Cameron Griffis: Right behind getting laid.
Quantum Rain: Wait too long and I'll get an armada to rival the english fleet.
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