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Primitus Colossi Against_the_ice_colossus_by_chaoyuanxu-d4pzp7c
*Image owned by ChaoyuanXu.*
An artistic rendition of the legendary Ice Colossus facing against the Warrior Prince of Forscythe.

The Colossi of the Primitus, as many have come to call them, are very old automatons driven by basic sentience through magic. Though what spells could possibly keep these towering constructs alive and intact through the centuries is unfortunately unknown. However, they are very much real, and are often seen guarding the various relic sites of the Primitus.


The physical capabilities of a Colossus are the only real ones to note, with the exception of a rare few colossi capable of far more extensive mystical abilities. Colossi are typically very massive constructs of unique shapes and sizes, each one usually made of stone or rock that is surprisingly resistant to explosive spells. In fact, they are surprisingly resistant to most spells and melee attacks very rarely work against them.

Then there are colossi capable of even further amounts of destruction. The Ice Colossi depicted above has a beam capable of freezing objects or entities on contact, and then shatter them through the sheer force of said beam. This makes the Ice Colossi particularly deadly, but his ability, as stated before, is unique. Each Colossi has other features and abilities making them a fearsome combatant in the battlefield.


To that end, while the colossi may seem invincible to many, they feature several key weakpoints in their structure that are not so resilient. In the case of the Ice Colossus, the crystals that helped generate the necessary magical energy that held the Colossi's form together were its weakpoints. Other colossi may have similar weaknesses that can be exploited. It is unsure why the Primitus seemed to purposely create these weaknesses within their structures, but many things are unknown about their methods and techniques, such as the creation of these hulking guardians.


The purpose of these colossi is quite obvious indeed. They were designed and constructed to not only intimidate those who dared enter Primitus holy ground but eviscerate them should they not heed their warning. They also seem to have been built to last, having remained in operation for untold centuries and still capable of massive destructive potential. That being said, they only seem to remain around that which they guard, which is, as said before, the various relic sites and remnants of the Primitus, including some of the World Portals that also somehow retained their power and magic long after the Primitus fell.


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