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Post by darthme on Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:08 am

Kunngsstas (King's City)
Kunngsstas is on of the oldest cities in Alsland and is the only Northern City left. All the others were abandoned long ago for a forgotten reason. Kunngsstas is the center of government, and the Kunngs (King's) throne is located here, inside Kunngsbørg (King's Fortress/Castle]

Kunngsbørg is the King's residence. It is located in the center of Kunngsstas, and is the most heavily fortified castle in Alsland.

Suðhæmn (South Port) is the southernmost city on Alsland, but not the oldest: The original settlers actually landed in the North first, then explored the South. Suðhæmn is the #1 Trade Center of Alsland, and contains the second-most defended castle in Alsland, Suðurbørg (Southern Castle)

Jotunsbjergvik (Giant's Mountain River) is named after the river flowing out of Giant's Mountain, which runs through the city. It is located in the Western part of Alsland, in the forest, and contains the 3rd most most defended fortress, Jotunsbjergviksbørg (Giant's Mountain River's Castle)

Vjestheim (Western Home) is the 4th largest city in Alsland, and also contains the 4th largest castle in Alsland, Ørðbørg (Word-Fortress). Ørðbørg contains the Alslandic archives and library, and is inhabited by scholars. A prestigious school is located inside its walls, but the castle still serves it's regular duties of defense and training soldiers.

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