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Post by Quantum Rain on Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:46 am

Name: Alsiah'Roix Sadur Van Astyros
Nickname: Roix [Roh-ee]
Age: 51
Homeworld: Astyr
Chosen God: Aeon


  • Interitum
    Being an elite elementalist, Roix is capable of almost every form of elemental magic, from the simple to the complex spells. His favorite element is fire, however.

  • Alba Virtus
    Though a combat mage, Roix has not forgotten to take up healing spells, like the rest of his brothers of Astyr. Though far from being the best, Roix is capable of mild self-healing even in mid-combat situations.

  • Caelestium
    A power boosting ability of Roix's own making, this ability calls forth his inner angelic soul to amplify his current spells to by a surprising amount. However, this requires a large degree of unwavering focus as well as stamina. The aftereffects of this ability are draining and he is unable to heal himself for some time.

Special Ability: Vindication
A magic ability that adapts to Roix's situation and intentions, this ability has varying effects, from amplifying magic powers to healing himself completely, to even completely different adaptations. Some forms of this ability include:

  • Name: (Emotion): Description

  • Divinity: (Serenity): Cleanses Roix of all status enhancements and debuffs, recharges him, and heals him completely.

  • Fatalis: (Enraged): Roix enters a berserk state similar to Caelestium, though with the elimination of the aftereffects, and the addition of further blinding rage.


One of the elite elementalists of Aeon's army, Roix is an incredibly dangerous opponent. Though lacking any form of weapons or accessories, he makes up for this with a staggering might in magic, mainly attack spells and light white magic. Roix is the lieutenant of general Reas, being calm and level-headed in combat. His military training adequately prepared him for the war ahead, and his loyalty is unshakeable, unlike his companion, Orion...

Roix proved himself capable during his training in Astyr, being the former captain of his training squad, which included Orion. He has proven himself time and time again as he was deployed into combat, and now his ultimate trial comes in the battle for Aruna... Perhaps his darkest day.

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Re: Roix

Post by agentaaa on Tue May 01, 2012 12:51 pm

approveded, guy.

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