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Name: Jacen Thermidor
Nickname: Rain
Age: 19
Race: Demon/Angel halfbreed
Homeworld: Unknown
Chosen God: None
(Normal) Armored Core 4 - Rain
(Combat) Yasuharu Takanashi - Kishuu (Raid)


  • Power Sword
    A more advanced sword, the sharp part of the blade is made of adapting forms of energy, elemental, mystic, or otherwise pure. Meanwhile, the rest is made of a resilient metal alloy, allowing the blade to block another sword if necessary. Its self-repair system has also been handy during the course of the war...

  • S. Armor Mk IV
    A lighter model made for use by the Archangel super soldiers of the Imperial Sovereignty, the severe beating it has taken has drastically reduced its capabilities. While still capable of protecting the user and transforming, it is limited to light armoring only, and its power supply is faulty, requiring frequent recharging to use the transformation ability as well as storage capabilities. It is still capable of procuring some basic tools for the wielder to utilize if necessary.


  • Archangel Type I
    Jacen's mystic capabilities are specialized in the destructive category. He is particularly well-versed in the lightning and fire elements, while retaining knowledge in water, ice, and earth, at the cost of his white-magic capabilities being limited. He also retains a low degree of psychic ability, capable of reading or communicating through thought. Furthermore, he is capable of using a power type called the Force. While not well trained, and usually preferring magic, Rain is capable of predictive combat and very limited foresight with this addition.

  • Thrones
    A power spell that requires very careful timing and a high degree of focus. When utilized, it will allow the caster to triple their endurance, speed, and strength. The issue being is that the spell lasts an immensely short period of time, allowing for one, possibly two critical offenses or defenses. It is also mentally draining.

Special Ability: Harbinger
A transformation ability that has various stages to it. These stages are reached depending on Rain's current emotional, mental, physical, as well as power overflow status. Higher stages become increasingly rare, with the seventh form, and alternate thereof, are immensely rare. Each upgraded form increases Rain's power from one to seven, however, and comes with a different specialization or element. (Note: Forms 3-7 are currently locked.)
-Form 1: Harbinger of Ambition
--A lighter powered form that retains the same aspects of the original Rain, but is overall stronger.
-Form 2: Harbinger of Guardianship
--A much more durable form from the first, this form specializes in protective magics and anti-debuffing.
-Form 3: Harbinger of Battle
--An advancement from the second form that adds onto the durability with pure strength.
-Form 4: Harbinger of Dreams
--A form that balances endurance, strength, and mystic power more aptly, with an increased focus on white magic rather than destructive spells.
-Form 5: Harbinger of Light
--A form that focuses solely on attack mystics and strength, with little regard to healing spells, and only an average rating to durability.
-Form 6: Harbinger of Stars
--A far more advanced form that is a mystic master but lacks strength and endurance. This is made up for in sheer speed as well, though.
-Form 7: Harbinger of Power
--A form that is, almost, the most powerful of all seven, with an all-around increase in power and skills.
-Form 7 Absolute: Harbinger of Eternity
--The final form that is absolute power at its peak for a mortal born halfbreed. This form is virtually unbeatable, though equally short-lived...

One of the original Archangel from Project Thrones, Jacen owes his success to a variety of unknown factors during the course of his military career. Despite his young age, his capabilities skyrocket him into a commanding position, and from there his reputation continued to grow. However, he was not usually seen in the best of lights, typically described as borderline ruthless in his tasks, demanding, arrogant, argumentative, and controlling of the situation... However, he is also protective of his loyal friends and teammates as well as dead serious of his goal: Protecting homes and lives.

This personality changed, with certain events, turning Rain into something more... drastic and broken. With this traumatic event, he is less arrogant and more so unstable, though whether he shows such is unclear. Now, more than ever, he is suspicious of others, especially in this strange world...

Brought here by an unknown means, for an unknown purpose, and straight into combat, Rain's instability had to wait as he dispatched the Aeon and Exitium skirmishers fighting amongst themselves, and mistaking him as a soldier of the other side... Once he was clear of the battle, he finally took a moment to think... and as he did so, more and more the world he was thrust into seemed familiar... like a dream, only reality.

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Re: Rain

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approved to the maximus approvicus!

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