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Post by NemesisQ on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:10 am

Name: Catullus
Age: 234
God: Anima
Race: Cicera Elf

Astral Imaging Book- Allow the creator to draw in a picture in the book with magic, and able to bring it to life through symbols drawn in the air by the very magic used in the book. Each picture has a specific symbol used to bring it the physical plane.
Scroll- Using magic to draw in the scroll, to create traps and the like.

Incendiary Throwing Knives: These knives are strong, and durable, being able to damage heavy armours. They are enchanted with arcane fire.

Celestial Steel Wires: Can not be broken with sheer strength, as they are flowing with concentrated magic through the wires, It's also very hard to detect and see. The user can unlock the wires power to electrify anybody caught in it, with arcane lightning. Can be used to Detonate traps. It is very sharp.

Abilities: Catullus is a artist, specialize in traps summoned from scrolls, and summoning spells from his Astral Imaging Book.

Basic Summoning- Can only summon one creature from the Imaging Book. Summons a Ventus Saber Tooth Tiger. ( Damage by air being compressed into blades, and claws.... and teeths)

Blink Trap: A symbol placed in desired location. If triggered in anyway, then the compressed energy in it will explode, stunning anybody within a meter around it. Deals no real damage... unless your a vampire, or a being that really hate light.

Lightning Trap: A symbol placed in desired location. If triggered in anyway, then it will shoot a chain of lightning, shocking anybody that the symbol face foward to. Yes it harms them.

Weakness/Strength: Catullus isn't a head-on warrior, so he is a bit weak against fighters that train vigorously in physical combat, but then again, catching him will be the difficult part as he will trie to distance himself from the enemy, beware as his main weapons can be dangerous toward his pursuers. His traps are weak against those that come prepared, or very cautious. Catullus doesn't have any spells that can be cast on the spot, he has to prepare them for this. His main weakness, though not very secretive, is women, he will never harm a women, ugly or beautiful he will never ever hurt them in any way, yet he always cursed on this fact. Also, when ever he encounter a attractive women, he will nose bleed on the spot, how much blood he loose; depends on how beautiful the female is, in addition he will have a habit of serving them tea, make them food, draw them a picture, in almost a blink of an eye. As being a Cicera Elf, he is very agile and possess unatural powers, but in return he has slightly weak strenght and endurance.

Biography: Catullus is a close friend of Mel and Delarte, he was friends with them for as long as he can remember. Catallus used to have a crush on Mel... well he does on alot of other women, though Mel rejected him many times before, until Catullus finally gave up, but still harbour the friendship he had with Mel and are still friends even after that. Delarte is alot like his rival, they compete over almost everything, from eating, walking, staring, and even how high they can survive from falling a cliff, though there rivalry are fierce, their bond with each other over powers that.

Catullus was once sleeping on a night after the Orion Peak have passed. During his sleep, he dreamt a beautiful goddess reaching her hand to him, as he held it, he looked up at the goddess, and witness the most gorgeous being he had ever laid eyes on, the elegant being pulled his hand toward the sky, as she did, Catullus started nose bleeded, almost abruptly, then seconds later he fainted from the major blood loss. As he fainted he thought he could die happy now, and can go to heaven, but instead he woke up in hell, known as Avalon.

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Re: Catullus

Post by devilslayer on Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:49 am

Male or female.

I have returned!

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Re: Catullus

Post by agentaaa on Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:56 am

given that his picture's of a male elf, and the picture is named "Male elf"... What do you think, Devil?

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Re: Catullus

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