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Post by Quantum Rain on Wed May 04, 2011 11:57 am

Name: Dominic Castillo
Age: 27
Homeworld: Duran III
Chosen God: Chaos


  • Sanctus Blade
  • Energy Pistol


  • Storm's Arrival
    (Dominic enters a fury not in emotion, but in powers, where his abilities act more wildly and randomly not so much out of his own choice. This ability allows for large scale multi-tasking and high damage potential at the cost of control.)
  • Storm's Passing
    (Dominic enters a more passive state, in terms of his abilities, where even more control is offered, allowing him to manipulate and control the levels of his attacks.)

  • (In either state, Dominic's attack and defense powers are increased.)

Biography: Dominic Castillo, a Sergeant Major in the Imperial Sovereignty's military, on a covert mission, he, and Nyrim, whom was assigned as his partner, found themselves teleported to Avalon upon their arrival to the objective location. Dominic was recruited by Chaos, due to the fact that Dom didn't understand, know, or could even think of what was going on, because he was instantly teleported INTO A BATTLEFIELD!

Fortunately, the skill he displayed impressed Nyrim, as she made him her temporary D-Knight for the time that they are in Avalon. The two are all that's needed in place of a team of special forces operatives, as Nyrim and Dominic each supplement the other's abilities excellently. Dominic was an Archangel prototype back in the earlier days of the IS. While not as strong compared to the newer ones, he still retains his enhanced mental capacity and mystic abilities.

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