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Name: Nyrim
Age: N/A
Homeworld: N/A
Chosen God: N/A


  • N/A


  • Dragoon Transformation
    (By combining/synchronizing with a D-Knight, or basically, a pilot, Nyrim and the D-Knight will become a dragon, unlocking Nyrim's full powers and potential if the sync was perfect.)
    Youtube Link Demo (Skip to 4:30) <---Perfect Sync and transformation (The six winged dragon is Nyrim's true form, the white and blue guys are the Peacemakers, and the three people with energy rods are called Gigantes.)
    Dragoon pic 2 <---More improvised sync and transformation. Sword is primary weapon.
  • Mind Manipulation
    (Nyrim has an ability to enter one's mind and communicate telepathically, despite being a machine. She can manipulate said person's mind as well, but only to a certain degree. She cannot kill the person, as is against her programming.)

Biography: Nyrim is a living, AI weapon called a Dragoon. However, she's not exactly a machine, per say, but actually more so a being of energy. For this reason, she can't be killed via conventional means. I.E. swords, arrows, bullets, etc. (Unless it has energy), but she can also manipulate energy when not transformed into a dragon. Therefore, Nyrim is not defenseless, but not very powerful without her chosen D-Knight. She can also teleport via phase shift space, as well as take a few people with her to there.

Nyrim was created to be a weapon, but does not lack the ability to learn or feel emotions. Nyrim is usually described as cold, calculating, and machine like, or rather, just plain, being that she finds some humans beneath her out of no choice of hers, actually. Nyrim does know the concept of loyalty, however, and such is given to her chosen master. Nyrim's past is her own, and her allegiance to her D-Knight.

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