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Lara Endol

Post by Quantum Rain on Wed May 04, 2011 10:43 am

Name: Lara Endol
Age: 10,017 years old (14-15 years old in appearance)
Homeworld: Installation A-01 (Examera)
Chosen God: Aeon


  • Elemental Transition Blade
    (Changes from elemental energy or matter)
  • Shield Rune
    (Though not as powerful as the True Runes from which they were made, this little rune is useful in creating decent barriers and casting other defensive spells without utilizing one's own mystic energy unless necessary.)


  • Warrior of the Lost
    (Lara is an Arkhein, just like Rain. She is a multi-elemental, as well, just like Rain. She can control every element and is a master at combining them. This technique allows her to overcharge her elemental-combo attacks, causing more damage or making them more effective at least. It only works in quick outbursts, and only certain attacks, however.)
  • True Angel
    (Lara casts a battlefield-wide healing spell, designed to bring allies back into the fight, unless they were dead beforehand. It revitalizes them and rejuvenates their energies, at the cost of her lessening her own for a temporary amount of time.)

Biography: Lara Endol is an Arkhein and, unlike Rain, was summoned just after the Arkhein rebellion wars, therefore, her power and abilities are quite exceptional compared to Rain. She and Rain share a relationship, actually, though Rain wouldn't have lived through most of the important memories yet. Rain and Lara were childhood friends, and during the war, they fought alongside eachother, as did Justin, Rain's brother, and several others, in fact. Despite being young, they fought bravely, but in the end, the Primitus were just too much.

Lara survived the trials in becoming an Arkhein, and ended up being a pretty good one, too, being quite exceptional in her race and class. Lara was originally summoned by Chaos, but she refused to work for the goddess, and instead, fled, taking out anything that tried to engage her. Normally, the goddess would kill anyone that refused her like that, but she let Lara lived, and so, Lara joined Aeon. Little did she know, however, that Rain's father was also amongst Aeon's harmonial armies.

Lara is very much experienced, and deals in the speed of her attacks more so than strength, which she doesn't lack entirely, but her natural body makeup is more so speed and agility anyway. Lara's fighting style is also more focused on physical contact mixed with mystic spells to manipulate the terrain for her to reach her targets and throw them off-balance as well, as they would likely be fighting on multiple fronts to fend her off.

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