Aidan Kaimera

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Aidan Kaimera

Post by Quantum Rain on Tue May 03, 2011 1:44 pm

Name: Aidan Kaimera
Age: 18
Homeworld: Konstara, Eukam, Ultra Vires Prime, Wars Universe
Chosen God: Anima


  • Nightly Blade
  • Sword of Dawns
  • Customized Bow and Arrow, complete with energy arrows.


  • Chosen Promise
    (Aidan was chosen by the god of power, and life was bestowed upon him when fate dictated that he should die. For this, Aidan has latent abilities just below the surface, and when provoked beyond emotional or physical capacities, they will unleash themselves in various ways, usually increasing a certain attribute of his exponentially. I.E. speed, strength, etc.)
  • Divinity Reign
    (Using whichever weapon mentioned above, Aidan will charge up all of his mystical energy and cast a storm of energy beams that will fly at all nearby enemies, creating a carpet bomb effect of an attack, obliterating the enemy lines.)

Biography: Aidan Kaimera was just a simple farm boy, who knew nothing of the legends that would form of him, and the great deeds he would accomplish. He wouldn't know that he was chosen by a god to be greater than he would ever dream, until a fateful day that changed everything he thought he knew. In mere days, he was thrust into a conflict greater than himself, and made to fight with no experience or skill of being able to do so, yet, to his amazement, it all felt natural to him, as if this were his sort of calling. He had a natural instinct to combat, but not to kill.

Aidan was summoned into this war halfway between the holy wars between the two military superpowers of the time. Halfway to getting to one of his greatest achievements in uniting a world torn by war, and he was summoned to this world, this war, which was much greater than he, or any of his homeworld, could imagine. Aidan was summoned by Anima for very specific reasons, actually. Aidan had moral authority to avoid killing if possible, but also believed in necessity. Problem is, he was also taken out of a very critical, deciding period of time for him, when everything he was would be in, and still is, in question. Will he stand strong through this bloody conflict or falter and fade in time?

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