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Name: Jervix Rastan
Age: 52
Homeworld: Urtraghus

Weapons: Energy scythe
EMP grenades
Galvanic accelerator cannon

Dash jet implants - jet system implanted in Jervix's legs, allowing short bursts of speed and temporarily hovering
Reflex enhancers - Jervix has neural implants that can temporarily give a drastic boost to his reflexes, allowing him to react to everything as if it was moving much slower. Due to these implants not being properly tested, however, they have many dangers. Prolonged use causes pain and headaches, but if left on for too long, the implants will quite literally overcharge his brain, frying it and killing him. Making it far more dangerous is the fact that Jervix himself has absolutely no idea how long it can be used for, making it prohibitively dangerous, and not something he enjoys using.
shielding - One of the few pirates to get actual shielding, rather than just combat armor, Jervix has combat shielding which can sustain a fair amount of damage, though not to the degree of, say, a chozo power suit's shielding.

Jervix is one of the last of the pirate "commandos" originally assigned to guard Ridley, but was on duty as security for a nearby mother ship during Samus' second infiltration of Zebes. As one of the few to ever have anything close to a relationship with the space dragon, he feels that he failed Ridley and has since done all he can to increase his abilities. numerous cybernetic implants have been inserted into him, increasing his strength and survivability, allowing him to see in X-ray vision or heat, a small amount of telepathic ability, and an ability to analyze and interface with machinery easily.
Jervix met Kress a few years later, and believes that he is the brightest hope for the space pirates, and a way for them to gain back their old glory and more. he does all he can to further Kress's goals and ambitions, in hopes of making up for his previous failures.
After coming to avalon with kress, his goals have hardly changed, the only difference being that now Jervix sees an opportunity for the space pirates to conquer an entire new universe, and for Kress to be at the head of it.

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