Casting Call

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Casting Call

Post by Darkwing on Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:49 am

Well, still a lot of pre-production to do, but we finally have the
pilot script written and I am just waiting for finalization of it from
the director. Anyways, I'm jumping the gun a wee bit early, but some
voices are needed. There are approximately 6-7 minor characters who
need some voices. some have much more to say then others naturally.
this will be audition based so it is not first come first serve. Voice
overs will most likely begin in December. Two voices for certain are
male, the rest can be either or. I will post a short scene soon if I
see that there is interest. These are not recurring characters, though
a few of them may make their way into episode 2.

here are the
two scenes I do believe that require voices. Walkins and Carter are the
male voices. The other ones don't matter so much, a variety would be

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