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Sins of a Shaper Empty Sins of a Shaper

Post by ToaKaita47 on Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:47 pm

I see myself in your eyes
I can feel the fires burning within
I know now that I've reached the end
I know now I've commited sin

Only the dead see the end of war
Yet dead men tell no tales.
Only the strongest of all shall survive
In day or moonlite pale.

I am not the strongest one
I died long ago
I don't remember when or how
But somehow I just know.

The girl I loved has lost her way
In the beautiness of change
I don't believe she's completely lost
But I do know she's deranged.

There's nothing more I can do now
There's nothing more to try.
So all that remains is to end the pain
and forever shall I die.

I've never experienced death before
Yet I've never experienced life.
The time is now over for debating
My last heartbeats, go with a knife.

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