Requesting Influence Rolls

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Requesting Influence Rolls

Post by Quantum Rain on Mon Oct 13, 2014 3:36 am

To request an Influence Roll, all that is required is this:


Action: Economic Sanctions
Description: If you and at least one other nation’s influence roll is 1.5x that of the targeted nation’s, the target’s economy stats are decreased by 50% for 2 days. This can only be used 1 by either involved nation every week. -Can’t be used on NPC nations or own vassals- (Optional)

Base Influence: (Power Status Influence, 5, 10, or 15)
Culture Rating: (Your own)
Pacifism Rating:
Tourism Rating:

Target Country:
NPC Influence: (If the country is an npc, place their influence score here.)

And that's all there is to it. If the action you're using is in the Subversive Actions category, they are stealth actions. Which basically means you should post them in your private covert affair's subforum so that other players cannot see what actions you've performed, they are only informed of the end results. However, if you fail a subversive action to a moderate degree, the target nation will become aware of your attempt in-game.

Non-subversive actions can be posted in your private board or directly here, the target nation will be aware of who used it regardless. (They're not stealth acts.)

After a request has been made, an administrator will roll the Influence Program for you and inform you of your results.


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