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Post by Quantum Rain on Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:33 pm

The Arkhein

Arkhein Dark_angel_of_hawyn_by_lucastorquato27-d5qr3nr
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A common depiction of an Arkhein by the more artistic people.

The Arkhein are perhaps one of the more mysterious myths amongst the religions. While being recognized in all religions, not much is truly known of them, and most of the time they are mistaken for Angels while bearing very little in common with their divine "brothers." The myths that are accurate enough to be described here, as well, are not actually true, as one would expect at this point.

(This is information that most people know and what they believe.)

The Arkhein are said to be fierce warriors and protectors that once served the "primordial ones," or as most scholars call them, the Primitus. The Primitus are said to be the creators of the world portals and several other relic sites across the planets of the Starscape. The Arkhein are said to be their weapons and shields, their loyal army of servants wielding as much in mystic strength as the Primitus elders, and never aging in years due to their affinity and connection to the life around them.

The reason the Arkhein are mistaken for Angels at first is largely due to the wings. It is said that in battle, and when using their powerful spells, the Arkhein's eyes will glow, their wings will materialize in a blazing golden light, and their power will stretch outward like an oppressive force from the Gods themselves is bearing down on those that oppose them.

All this being said, the existence of the Arkhein is unconfirmed and many dismiss the legend as just that. Not a single person of this age has claimed to have known, let alone see, an Arkhein, and the reasons for that are intriguing to say the least.

The Truth
(This is information that most people do NOT know and wouldn't normally believe.)

The Arkhein, in truth, are not nearly as powerful as the angels of the Heavens save for a rare few legends that likely do not roam the Starscape today. What they do possess is a mastery of magic to an unheard of level for mortal beings and the ability to shapeshift their forms to easily blend in. An Arkhein could be anyone of any race at any point in time, and most would not be able to tell the difference. They can suppress their mystical powers and presence to appear as if they weren't even there. And for those that aren't searching, they slip away unnoticed.

A second thing to note is that the Arkhein are immortal. This part of the legend is actually true, though the reason for their immortality is that they can maintain themselves through their own strength in magic. They are not truly ageless or any less susceptible to diseases, but can easily appear that way due to their powers to fix and heal such ailments. They may be just as mortal as any one else, but can pass off as something of a demigod very easily.

Finally, one should note that their physical and mystical capabilities are above average, if not well beyond those of anyone else. To be capable of such an immortal state simply by their powers alone, and their ability to shapeshift, means they can morph their body and access any number of powerful spells to eviscerate their opponents in a number of ways. That being said, some Arkhein are more powerful than others, and others can even lose their powers outright if they overexert themselves. Their Magic Flow and their Magic Rest, while usually very stable, can be damaged irreparably due to the changes and the extensive power they command. An Overload in their case can be far more devastating.


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