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Post by Quantum Rain on Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:29 pm

Each god has a personal name known only amongst themselves and their servants, and then their worldly name, the name they bear as a god to the mortals, or as the mortals came to call them by.

Jaixe Furiael, aka Death Incarnate
(Lord of Fate and the Dead, one of the four Lords of Hell)
A ruthless Lord whom rules his lands with an iron fist, he demands discipline and fierce loyalty from those that follow him. Since the time of the elder rebellion, Jaixe’s battles for dominance have not ceased, but yet he continues to reign as the supreme being of his house. Jaiex is described as vengeful, yet patient, cunning, and extremely manipulative. Headstrong and willful, this demon prince will go to any lengths, any means, to achieve his goals. It should also be noted that he despises necromancers profusely.

As a god, Jaixe is commonly referred to as "Sinthys, God of the Afterlife." Appearing in a black cloak in perfect condition, with the hood over his head, his silver-glowing eyes dissuade any from approaching. His scythe appears bloodied as he wields it to harvest the souls of the deceased. He appears to be averagely built, though oddly tall, and underneath the hood there could be seen black hair of unknown length and style. His skin is darker and more tanned than expected, though it is difficult to tell from his face as he covers his hands, body, and feet in black-colored clothing. Sometimes he is depicted to have skeletal wings protruding from his back, as a flock of black feathers can sometimes signal his appearance.

Cecael Naramour , aka War Incarnate
(Lord of Conflict and Battle, one of the four Lords of Hell)
Cecael is the most enigmatic and yet lifelike of the Horsemen. Utilizing her arena, this battle-fixated princess seeks to witness glory and challenges. Sometimes, she will go out of her way to do so. Those whom are shown to achieve those regularly are often favored by her. As far as her personality goes, she is shown as seductive at times, and prideful at others. However, she has also been known to act humbly and politely to those whom she sees as deserving respect or are her equal in some way. This tends to be rare due to the fact that Cecael is knowledgeable and trained in the use of every ability, strategy, and power that could be used in any way in battle.

As a god, Cecael is commonly referred to as "Syrae, Goddess of War." Appearing in a red, tattered cloak, her face is constantly hidden under the shadow of the hood, save for her glowing red eyes. Though her body is fairly well-built, it is smaller than one would initially expect. Her size and her stance suggest that she is very young. Her cloak is rumored to be colored by the blood of those that challenged her and lost. She always appears unarmed at first before those that seek to challenge her reign as the patron of war.

Raziel Markiel, aka Famine Incarnate

(Lord of Poverty and Destitution, one of the four Lords of Hell)
An often-times bored Lord who usually spends his days torturing his captives and causing chaos in the mortal realm, only to have Viator rectify the situation. Raziel’s life is uneventful in his eyes, deprived of entertainment or meaning. He is explained as immensely bored with a short attention span because of it, and yet surprisingly inquisitive of others, hoping that learning more of them will cure his dilemma. Though he may not pay much mind to what goes on around him, his memory has proven otherwise: recalling knowledge as quickly as he had remembered it in the past. Surprisingly, like Death, he also uses a scythe.

As a god, Raziel is commonly referred to as "Caede, God of Destruction." Appearing in a white, tattered cloak, though with his hood down, one can see his short gray hair and his dim-glowing emerald eyes. He is well-built, carrying a double-edged scythe that appears to have rusted some. Underneath he wears equally tattered darker clothing, accenuating his lightly-tanned skin and white cloak.

Aliel Taex, aka Pestilence Incarnate
(Lord of Conquest and Disease, one of the four Lords of Hell)
This Lord prides himself in his knowledge, though rarely speaks nor makes direct contact with mortals. Though claimed to be the god of Disease and Conquest, how he came to be called such is unclear, as welll as how the two truly relate to eachother. While quiet and emotionless on the surface, he does seem to go out of his way to punish the arrogant and ignorant harshly, endeavoring to enlighten them of reality.

As a god, Aliel is commonly referred to as "Aliran, God of Conquest and Pestilence." He is described to appear with pale-white skin, shoulder-length, unkempt black hair, fairly built though awfully gaunt in the face. Taller than any man, this god appears with a steel sword encrusted with an emerald on one side and a diamond on the other side of the hilt. His flaming violet eyes give an eery contrast to his skin. He appears in a tattered black cloak with the hood completely torn off, and with two plain-looking shoulder guards to hold the rest loosely in place.

Viator Parathren, aka Serenity Incarnate

(Lord of Order and Peace, one of the four Lords of Heaven)
Often viewed as the patron of angels, Viator Parathren is fixated on maintaining order in a chaotic world. He is an amiable deity, often found blessing his followers in many ways, but punishing those who deviate. He protects against widespread destruction and panic, as his angels guard those he finds worthy. He is found to have a deep passion for his self-acclaimed responsibility, and has repeatedly said that he is honor-bound to accomplish the task before him. By whom he has been gifted this responsibility is uncertain.

As a god, Viator is commonly referred to as "Nirmael, God of Order." He is described to be a tall, six-winged man wearing a light blue robe as he glows a blindingly bright white when he appears. His long white hair glows lightly as it flows behind him, and occassionally covers his bright sapphire-blue eyes. He is often seen unarmed, and underneath the robe, he wears decoratively bright clothing, but nothing that would denote armor.

Arien Therina, aka Wisdom Incarnate
(Lord of Wisdom and Justice, one of the four Lords of Heaven)
Arien Therina is seen as very active in day-to-day affairs, and is one of the more common gods amongst the worlds. She answers prayers often, granting blessings and passing judgments on the mortals as necessary. Personality wise, she is very passionate in her duty, level-headed, patient, and very sage-like in communication. She can also appear to be very caring and forgiving, and is sometimes seen as the goddess of mercy for this. She is respected as a warrior and a judge.

As a god, Arien is commonly referred to as "Minaria, Goddess of Wisdom." She appears in jewel-encrusted, white, decorative armor with long, clean, and free-flowing blonde hair as her golden flaming eyes might appear as intimidating at first. She appears as a young woman, with an above-average build and fairly tall by comparison to most mortals. She wields a sword with its own interesting backstory. The sword is just as decorative as the armor, and glows a bright white when unsheathed. When wielded, it is said to take on the powers and personality of its wielder, being as strong as the one who uses it.

Terraeis Helios, aka Life Incarnate
(Lord of Life and the Harvest, one of the four Lords of Heaven)
Terraeis Helios is seen as the life-giving goddess, often thought as the being who created the earth, the oceans, the forests, and many of the beasts mortals have come to harvest for food, she is arguably one of the more important goddesses. Her personality is that of mercy, caring, and protection, often bestowing many blessings on those that work diligently and loyally pray to her. She is rarely seen to become enraged or vengeful, but legends say that whenever she has, the stars grow dark as storms rage on for months on end, flooding the world before it is destroyed by her fury.

As a god, Terraeis is commonly referred to "Viosa, Goddess of Life." She appears in a flowing white-dress, with bare feet and little to no decoration. However, she is described to glow a consistent white as the plant life around her becomes overgrown at her passing. Her flowing and incredibly long white-hair and golden eyes often times stun men, who are at a loss for such magnificence. She has been said to appear in the mornings, wandering through the fields of a farmer's crops, blessing them with bountiful harvests beyond their dreams should she feel them worthy enough. At other times, she has been known to answer some prayers in person, appearing in a blinding golden light as she takes shape before those that called her.

Asterum Veris, aka Light Incarnate
(Lord of the Stars and Protection, one of the four Lords of Heaven)
Asterum is a god close to Terraeis, often being seen as the husband and guardian to her. Others say that he is her brother, equal in age. He is a more warrior-like god, but often seen as a protector and light-giver to those who need guidance and life restored to their empty existences. He has been credited with creating the light and the stars above, sometimes seen as the god of the heavens. He is seen as kind, but merciless, and always seeking more followers to help guide others to their place. He is sometimes thought of as a more malicious god due to his consistent intervention and attempts at "controlling" a mortal's destiny in life, but in truth, he has no control over that destiny, and only wishes to show the best path. Those that curse his name, and the names of the other gods, however, are often found to have wronged him specifically, and never know peace or sanctity thanks to his devoted followers.

As a god, Asterum is commonly referred to as "Luminius, God of Light." He appears in decorated, jeweled white armor which shines brightly. His short white-colored hair and golden-glowing eyes are oddly shared by Terraeis. This has often times sparked debates of his heritage and relations to the goddess. He often times wields a large sword of flames in one hand and a shield of stars in the other, and at his arrival, he is said to form within the blinding light of a wrathful sun, whatever that may mean.


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