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Post by Quantum Rain on Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:28 pm

Historical Document: Ultra Vires Map_zps22bd7c06
(Mostly wanted to show this off. Spent quite a long spell trying to get this right...)

Roughly 3,500 years ago from the present day of Universal Conflict existed this splintered world of Viris. An archipelago world filled with islands and subcontinental lands, with but one large continent to the west, it was understandably difficult to maintain control of a large empire.

Historical Document: Ultra Vires VirisianEmpireflag_zps157fcd40

The Virisian Empire was the first to accomplish such on any scale, however. Having been the former lords of most of the western continent and the eastern half of the map, their strength would be countered by inefficient administration, peasant revolts, and several internal power struggles between the noble families and the Emperor.

Starting as but a small nation ruled by a king, colonial desires and the necessity to spread out to gather much needed resources caused this empire to explore and expand. Subverting or outright annihilating entire populations in their path, they encompassed 60% of the planet's landmass before they began to decline. However, the riches they kept from their expeditions into the western continent still last today, and have continued to offer prosperity in dark times.

The Empire focuses entirely on a council-based system of governorship. Focusing on the use of vassal lords, the main court is headed by the Emperor and his retinue of aides, and also plays host to the other lords that serve him, with their retinue. This Court of Princes is called once a year to discuss the Empire's state of affairs and the plans for the future. Each vassal also runs their own smaller court which attempts to govern the lands controlled by that vassal. Split according to what the vassal decides is correct, the court is often consisting of various village chiefs, town magistrates, and city governors.

Despite the decentralization of the monarch and their rapid decline from power, they still remain as a powerful force during this time. Technologically advanced compared to the other factions, they have discovered gunpowder in an early form due to the wise investment of their riches through the past Emperors. Armed with cannons and the rare pistol, their armies sail across the waters to fend off the Liberation Armies that have rebelled against imperial control. And for a time, they would succeed.

Sadly, though, this empire would not last much longer as the duchies under imperial control would also vie for power and wealth, and all will fall due to their lust for control over the throne. The Vyros Republic to the north will control the entire subcontinent there, the Tyrisian Liberators would seize the Imperial western regions, the Duchy of Tyrone will take over the south-east, and the Duchy of Batian will take over the middle-east islands.

Despite this, their legacy never truly dies. Many times in the past will nations attempt to reconstruct the empire's former glory, and such becomes an end-goal during the War of Ascension, otherwise known as the Unification War.

Historical Document: Ultra Vires KingdomofCrossflag_zpsa2f442c6

The Kingdom of Cross, which is shorthand for the Holy Kingdom of Vires, to which Cross is the dynasty name, is a religious country led by the enigmatic, but influential queen, Marion Cross. Who the current day Marion Cross derives her name from. Led by several kings and queens in the past, this kingdom has risen to glory through wise leadership from since they were small camps of barbarians. It is truly unbelievable how they were organized so, but historical documents exist all the way back to that time and even further.

Preaching the word of Vires and promoting this religion in place of the Virisian Empire sets this nation to be the heirs to that empire's former glory. They are powerful militarily as they are economically, utilizing wisely made trade agreements and controlling key ports along busy routes. They also aim to monopolize various commodities and goods, using them as bargaining chips, and tend to invest the money gained from such acts.

In terms of government and the military, the Kingdom of Cross uses generals which also act as governors. Assigning an army or legion to one region, then giving control of that region to the army's general, whom is expected to be capable of civilian management as well. That being said, every city or town is run via a system of magistrates, three per city, one per town, and the governor to oversee it all. This allows for an efficient system of communication and command, and also allows the governor to partake in military operations without fear of civilian issues.

As of late, this kingdom has set its sights on invading the western continent in response to Umbraen imperialism. Desiring to keep the wealth and rich farmlands out of the hands of the northern invaders, they have begun a small proxy war in preparation for a full-scale invasion. When this occurs, this three way war fought between Umbraen, Cross, and Teneviris will be long and bloody. It will end in a stalemate, with all sides having lost much and gained little in the aftermath.

This kingdom would stand the test of time in several wars for the same lands in the future, against similar enemies. Eventually, however, they would partake in the Unification War and emerge as one of the surviving factions.

Historical Document: Ultra Vires TenevirisFlag_zpsbd00413f

The Teneviris Theikate is a group of tribes or clans brought together with a common mindset. -tbc-


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