Xaldius (Currently Inactive Character)

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Xaldius (Currently Inactive Character)

Post by Wynn on Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:30 pm

Name: Xaldius
Titles: Lord of Terror and Ruin, Spirit of Vengeance
Age: Undetermined (First gained a physical body in Avalon late in the war, but he likely existed in another form for much longer.)
Homeworld: Avalon
Chosen God: Chaos
Height: 7' 1''
Weight: 232Lbs.
Body: Suit of extraordinarily cold, black armor
Eyes: Crimson glow inside helmet


  • Profanic Sword
    An ebony sword with small, red, glowing cracks in the hilt. The blade is nigh-indestructible and is sharp enough to slice through chainmail on its own. Can potentially even stab through plated armor with enough strength behind the attack. The blade is imbued with a dark energy that is extremely corrosive to mortal flesh. With each successful hit, it decays the very soul of its victim.

  • Profanic Axe
    An ebony axe with small, red, glowing cracks in the handle. The weapon is nigh-indestructible and is sharp enough to punch through heavy armor rather easily. It can hack through plated armor with surprising ease, but there is a smaller cutting blade on the weapon, so less effort has to go into avoiding it than the sword.

  • Divine-Slayer Greatbow and Arrows
    A black bow that is tremendously large. It is so large, in fact, that the one using it has to plant it on the ground to fire it. The string is incredibly hard to pull back. Even some of the strongest beings may not be capable of operating it. To use it, one has to be immensely strong, or have a physical body that has no need for 'muscle.' The arrows fired by this bow are conjured by the user, as there are no arrows made to be shot from it normally. Drawing the bow is a rather slow process compared to most bows, however, the force of the impact from a shot from this bow is enough to kill dragons in single shots. There are very few forms of armor that can stand up to the impact of this weapon.


  • Bastion
    As a possessed suit of armor, Xaldius' agility is a bit limited, but his raw speed and stamina are not. He has no need to eat or rest. As long as he remains uninjured, he cannot actually get tired, having no real 'living' body to tire out.

  • Monolith
    Xaldius' body, as armor, is extremely hard to damage, and he knows how to shift his own weight to incoming attacks. He can tank hits that many would consider a death sentence very effectively. In many cases, striking him with weapon not intended to break armor may just deflect off his body without him so much as taking notice. Maces, warhammers, and heavy bows/crossbows can still cause significant, and even permanent, damage, but lighter arms are more liable to bounce off his body than hurt him.

  • Cold Steel Coffin
    The mere act of coming into contact with Xaldius with exposed flesh can cause rather painful frostbite-related injury.

Special Ability:

  • Florentine Duelist
    Xaldius is extremely proficient in the usage of two one-handed weapons in a fight. He is capable of both defending and attacking at the same time, effectively making techniques like parrying and riposting one swift motion of his body.

Late within the war, Tyrath had ditched his original, black armored form. For a long time, this body spent just lying in the dirt. However, Tyrath had given its own sentience and free-will. He did this with the intent of using it later as a part in another war in another world. Until then, this armored form, Xaldius was given free reign to do what ever he pleased and gain his own experience to use in this time. Until then, he is just another soldier of the war.
Xaldius was initially a rather feral, and unintelligent creature of sorts. He wreaked havoc on anything that moved, as was in his very corrosive nature as a spawn of the Void Father. He was eventually approached by Chaos, who offered him a place in her army. He accepted this offer without hesitation...


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Re: Xaldius (Currently Inactive Character)

Post by Quantum Rain on Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:30 am

Character approved for the goals he was designed for.

Happy hunting~


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