The True Runes

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The True Runes

Post by Quantum Rain on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:22 pm

Figured I would list these off with descriptions for those that care for or have them. They are not, however, open to everyone anymore. Sorry.

True Rune of Earth: (Claimed by Roach)
Affinities: Earth and Nature
Affects control over the plant-life and the earthen soil. Can be used in various manners, but is best known for its defensiveness and regeneration capabilities. Patience encourages unity, while hatred breaks it.

True Rune of Water:(Claimed by Quantum_Rain)
Affinities: Water and Ice
Holds dominion over the seas and frost, to which can be used flexibly. It is best known for its healing and area-of-attack capabilities. Peace produces harmony, while malice destroys it.

True Rune of Fire: (Claimed by Quantum_Rain)
Affinities: Fire and Lava
Holds dominion over the fiery rocks and burning infernos, it is infamous for its pure power and raw emotion. It is best known for its purely offensive capabilities. Determination brings about synchronization, while rage abolishes it.

True Rune of Wind: (Claimed by Quantum_Rain)
Affinities: Wind and Air
Holds sway over the currents of the sky and the air encompassing all things. It is best known for its mixture of debilitating spells and healing capabilities. Delight is a virtue, while sorrow is not.

True Rune of Lightning: (Claimed by Disayle)
Affinities: Lightning and the Storm
Rules over the sky’s piercing lances and its raging fury, this rune is best known for its accurate, lethal attacks. Pride produces synchronization while shame diffuses it.

True Rune of Light: (Claimed by Roach)
Affinities: Light and Order
Ruling over the light and ordered portion of the universe, this rune encourages positive over negative, and light over shadow. It synchronizes to love, while grief obliterates this bond.

True Rune of Shadow: (Claimed by Dominion_Wolf)
Affinities: Darkness and Chaos
Controlling the dark and chaotic portion of the universe, this rune strives to add disorder and destruction. It synchronizes to amusement, and detaches to distress.

True Rune of Reason: (Claimed by Quantum_Rain)
Affinities: Cognition and Thought
Influencing the consciousness of every being is the Rune of Reason. Capable of manipulating or converting others, it rules the mind. It synchronizes to curiosity, and detaches to anxiety.

True Rune of the Sword: (Claimed by Quantum_Rain)
Affinities: Offense and Battle
A rune that thirsts for battle and conflict, it rules over the offensive, ruthless nature of the universe. It is united by courage, and is disorganized by horror.

True Rune of the Shield: (Claimed by Quantum_Rain)
Affinities: Defense and Battle
A rune seeking to protect others in battle, it rules over the defensive, caring nature of the universe. It is synchronized with compassion, but revolts at the sight of selfishness.

True Rune of Life: (Claimed by Jediluigi)
Affinities: Life and Beginning
This rune governs new beginnings, new life, and creation. It craves creativity, but is abolished by oppression.

True Rune of Death: (Claimed by Quantum_Rain)
Affinities: Death and Ending
This is a rune that reaps all life, bringing out an ending to all things that begin in the world. It desires contentment, but unity is diffused by suffering.

True Rune of the Sun: (Claimed by Jediluigi)
Affinities: Sunlight and Day
This rune governs the stars and day, and gains power through both. It is bounded by truth, and is blotted out by lies.

True Rune of the Moon: (Claimed by Dominion_Wolf)
Affinities: Moonlight and Night
Governing the night and empowered by moonlight, this rune is best known for its cunning and stealth. It is synchronized through insight, but confined by ignorance.

True Rune of Rendese: (Claimed by Jediluigi)
Affinities: Gravity and Force
Governing the forces of the universe, this rune is that of gravity. It is allied in fellowship, but segregated in isolation.

True Rune of the Gates: (Claimed by Jediluigi)
Affinities: Dimensions and Connections
Governing the dimensions and the connections between them is this rune. It is synchronized according to the wielder’s bonds to others, and is segregated by division.

True Rune of Sovereignty: (Claimed by Jediluigi)
Affinities: Negation and Counter
The rune governing balance and negation, it is the only rune capable of sealing away the powers of other runes. It is synchronized via awareness, but is clouded by obliviousness.

True Rune of Punishment: (Claimed by Dominion_Wolf)
Affinities: Atonement and Punishment
This rune governs the judgments of others, their atonements and punishments. It is synchronized by forgiveness, and is angered by grudges. This rune requires synchronization to prevent it from draining the user of their life energy upon its use. It has considerably more powerful abilities starting out and later on however.

True Rune of Revolution: (Claimed by Roach)
Affinities: Transmutation and Conversion
The rune that governs the flow of change and reinvention, it is fueled by wisdom, but is put out by ineptitude.

True Rune of Hegemony: (Claimed by Disayle)
Affinities: Empowerment and Leadership
The rune of leaders and commanders, it empowers others that follow the wielder. It is synchronized via charisma, but is silenced by repulsion by others.

True Rune of the Beast: (Claimed by Roach)
Affinities: Nature and Animals
A rune of nature, controlling the animals and other creatures, it is compelled by compassion, but blinded by cruelty.

True Rune of the Spirit: (Claimed by Disayle)
Affinities: The Heart and Soul
The rune that affects control over our hearts and souls is the rune that requires passion to unite with it. It is, however, broken by apathy.

True Rune of War: (Claimed by Quantum_Rain)
Affinities: Skill and Knowledge
A rune that governs skill and ability, it is capable of empowering their fighting abilities with understanding and knowledge, enabling them to fight at their peak performance. It is bounded by self-confidence, and is defeated by doubt.

True Rune of Illusion: (Claimed by Disayle)
Affinities: Deception and Stealth
This rune governs that of perception and belief. It is connected through conviction, but unraveled by rejection.

True Rune of Power: (Claimed by Disayle)
Affinities: Augmentation and Expansion
This rune controls the power within one’s self, allowing them to empower themselves further, to greater levels than ever imagined. It is synchronized through enthusiasm, but is quickly removed through despair.

True Runes of Duality: (Claimed by Dominion_Wolf)
Affinities: Mimicry and Connection
These runes contain the ability to mimic the other runes nearly perfectly. However, they are thus required to synchronize through the same means as the original rune that they are mimicking. To fully synchronize with these runes is through detachment, and they are disconnected through earthly anchors.

True Rune of Legends: (Claimed by Quantum_Rain)
Affinities: Combination and Domination
The Rune of Legends has the ability to access the powers of all the runes and is vital to the creation of new runes. To synchronize with the rune is to be capable of synchronizing with all the other runes on demand, and their negative traits also apply accordingly.


-There are 28 True Runes in total, with two True Runes of Duality.

-Rune wielders are ageless and are incapable of dieing due to disease. (They will be affected by such however.)

-The runes are infinite in power, but it is impossible for any entity, be it machine or organic, to be capable of utilizing this potential.

-The wielder's power when using the rune is determined by two factors. Experience in using the rune, and their compatibility with said rune. (This is what the traits are for.)

-Initially, one can manage low to average abilities with a rune. Higher power requires not only experience but synchronization.

-If both traits are achieved by a rune wielder, the negative trait takes precedence and refutes synchronization.

-A rune's abilities and spells are determined by the user, but their area of governance is already provided and cannot be altered.

-Some runes are considered cursed runes, or runes that bring about tragedies:
--The Punishment rune consistently drains its wielder for its powers until synchronization is achieved.
--The Death rune reaps those around the wielder until synchronization is achieved.
--The Power rune constantly aims to bring the wielder into conflict, against their will, until synchronization is achieved.
--These runes are often more powerful to start with due to these curses, but such is where their cost of use comes into play.

-Utilizing higher level abilities with a rune without achieving synchronization or breaking that connection during its use will cause catastrophe for the wielder. The more powerful the ability used and/or disrupted by this happening, the more likely death will occur. In all other cases, serious injury, maiming, dismembering, and other symptoms and consequences will likely occur according to the severity of the case.

-Runes that are nearly-perfectly synchronized are awakened from their dormancy. What this equates to is additional, and constant power for the wielder at the cost of it being harder to control with the potential of a destabilization for even the slightest disruption.

-Runes that are awakened are eternally bounded to their wielder, as they are unable to be removed due to their symbiotic nature, and doing so will cause death.

-Runes can be awakened when in combat with another, causing immense outbursts of power. These events tend to be fatal for both parties when achieved, and occur only when both have achieved at least basic synchronization. It also tends to only occur between runes that oppose each other in nature, or are very much similar to one another.

-Runes are unable to be bounded to a machine or object without the constant presence of their wielder. A machine is incapable of utilizing a rune, and thus the wielder is required to will it to do anything.

-Runes bounded to objects or machines tend to be more unstable, and are incapable of synchronization.

-Runes that are synchronized and awakened cannot be bounded to a machine or object.

-Runes can be destroyed by a powerful enough concentration of energy as would be capable of disrupting the rune's flow of energy. Doing so would be immensely destructive to all entities present, however, due to the immense outburst of energy that would disintegrate anything within a several kilometer radius from the point of origin.

-Runes will be reborn automatically over time, capable of self-regeneration. They will not, however, return to their former master if they somehow managed to survive the sudden chaotic outburst of power before.

-The Rune will periodically "pull" their wielder to specific events or occurrences on their own will for reasons unknown.
--(In the case of the Power Rune, such is required and refusal generally causes agony and eventually death.)

-The Runes contain the memories of their previous wielders, and can reveal them in a way that would be dream or nightmarish to their current wielders. This occurs most often when they are awakened.

-Runes bound to the left hand of the wielder, in all cases. Their symbol is etched black into the skin, but causes no pain. It glows and radiates a colored aura when used.

-Runes that are unbound by wielders but are in an awakened state will generally run amok, creating chaos and destruction due to their power being unhindered.

-Most runes are attracted via strife and misery, but require the opposite to synchronize.

-Runes may decide to betray their wielder in favor of one found to be more favorable. Such is a consequence of low compatibility or if their second choice is deemed more so. The rune will also not harm their next chosen one, regardless of circumstance or what rune it is.

-Runes cannot be linked together with other sources of power or magic, but both can work co-operatively if necessary.

-One rune cannot share the same host with another. Such tends to be lethal to the wielder when attempted.


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