Claire van Strife-Raynor-Picard-Uzumaki-Kurosaki-Kerrigan-Aran-Palazzo-Kuchiki-Janeway

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Claire van Strife-Raynor-Picard-Uzumaki-Kurosaki-Kerrigan-Aran-Palazzo-Kuchiki-Janeway

Post by agentaaa on Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:38 pm

(P.S your forum's name charactr limt is 2 short becuz I culd not fit all my characters names in it and they are IMPORTANT because they tell you about her illoostrus lineage.)
Image: Sorry, I could not find a pic awesome enuff
Name: Claire van Strife-Raynor-Picard-Uzumaki-Kurosaki-Kerrigan-Aran-Palazzo-Kuchiki-Janeway-Gainsborough-Branford-Klauser-Harvey-Wily-The White-Skywalker-Potter-Riddle-(Whatever Sora's last name is)-Cullen
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ok, so, like, the rest of the intstructions for how to make a profile were way too restrictive for as complex and vast as mine is, so, like, I'm just gonna skip em. It's alright, you're gonna love her anyways because she is honestly my most awesomest character, so it's fine.

Claire van Strife-Raynor-Picard-Uzumaki-Kurosaki-Kerrigan-Aran-Palazzo-Kuchiki-Janeway-Gainsborough-Branford-Klauser-Harvey-Wily-The White-Skywalker-Son-Potter-Riddle-(Whatever Sora's last name is)-Cullen Was originally an ordinary girl except she just thought that and actually wasn't but was the chosen one to be the strongest Person in, like, the universe. She's actually the daughter of Lightning, Cloud, Jim Raynor, Captain picard, Naruto, Ichigo, Kerrigan, Samus, Kefka, Byakuya, Rukia, Captain Janeway, Aeristh, Terra, Bartz, Cecil, Zero, Gandalf, Luke Skywalker, Goku, Gohan, Harry, Voldemort, Sora, and Edward Cullen, but she doesn't know that. She used to be picked on in high school, but it made her so mad she unlocked her inner power and accidentlaly destroyed the solar system n' stuff.

Exitius telerported her to avalon but then she just beat him up in one punch because her telepathy made her know he was a bad person and then she decided that she's going to make her own army to help pacify the other gods so they'll all know that they need to live and let live, ya know? So she's going to go and beat them all up, which will probably be prety easy for her because she's the chosen one.

Claire has a wide range of abilities. She's able to use all four of the super saiyan forms plus a fifth that only she can access, is able to use her magic to make an army of enterprises due to her picard-heritage, can cast all white and dark magic, has the skills of a dark knight, is capable of withstanding the force of 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 nukes capable of destroying a planet, is able to actually use 24 keyblades at once, holding 2 and using 22 others with her telekinesis, as well as Using Zangetsu, Senbonsaku-sebonz-enbonzak-Cherry blossom sword that Byakuya has, and Kyouka suigetsu with telekinesis too because she's also Aizen's kid but she DOES NOT know that it's her terrible secret past.

she's also able to use a fusion of lightning and squall's gunblade squall made for her to protect her so he made it for her in part because he loves her. she's also a maiar and as a result a part-god because she's gandalf's secret daughter, and can fire off a combination of a rasengan and a kamehameha she made herself called a Rasenganhameha which is 10,000X more powerful than a regulr kamehameha which she can also enhance further with her instant spirit bomb technique. She is also Secretly a vampire, which amplifies her Ki even more and allows her to move 800 times the speed of light normally without any trouble. her special vampire power is the ability to instantly kill anyone or anything but the catch is she has to think about it occuring for a whole second before it works

She also is a wizard even better than dumbledore who doesn't even need a wand anymore and once fired off 10,000 Avada kedavras at once at an opponent, and has gained every single job from the magic crystal and is able to use them all at once which is how she effortlessly defeated Exdeath. her abilities were boosted even further due to the mako energy from her father Cloud also being in her but with ten times the strength. She also has a suit made by the Chozo that's been enhanced with her advanced knowledge of technology she gained under her brief tutelage from Data which increases all of these abilities by 2000 times normal.

Because she's the daughter of Jim raynor when he died in a tragic battle versus mengsk she ended up taking over his flagship hyperion and all his forces which she took command of, as well as the zerg swarm which also follows her orders. Additionally, due to needing to take command in a crisis situation, where the borg invaded with 10,000,000 ships which she later destroyed when she unlocked her true power, she is now the de facto leader of the Federation, the Klingons, and the Romulans, but not the cardassians because They're gross-looki they were wiped out by the borg. she also took over NOD after deposing Kane and GDI was so grateful they also serve her. She is also now the head of the Auror Office, and is the leader of the New galactic republic, as well as, recently, the jedi and sith orders which she's merged to stop all conflict in the univarse. she's also the leader of the elven, dwarven, and the men of the west armies and managed to convince the orcs to join her too. she's also the ruler of all azeroth and managed to keep the daleks from ever interfering with time again.

Claire is a little strong, but she has some weaknesses. She can be defeated by enough black holes that are put all around her after all the magic of the universe is used to empower them which are further boosted by attacks from at least every god in the universe though it also helps if mortals come in too. This will cause her to enter a healing coma for five minutes before coming back to life which cannot be repeated because her body will adapt to the attack afterwards. She is also sometimes reckless and will charge in without thinking. She's also immune to all forms of attack other than the previously-described ones in every way due to her being the chosen one and thus not allowed to die by the higher powers. Not even a creator could so much as scratch her powerful self. However, she's subject to being harmed by emotional trauma, and will not go near black cats ever since her sister died from a cat-scratch one time.

Well, by now all of you have gotten bored of this random sue, so I'll finish off this drivel by saying that you're all poop-faces and that's a good part of the reason I decided to inflict this abomination of a forum post upon you. G'nite, poopfaces.

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Re: Claire van Strife-Raynor-Picard-Uzumaki-Kurosaki-Kerrigan-Aran-Palazzo-Kuchiki-Janeway

Post by Quantum Rain on Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:41 am

Hmm. It seems to be a very well thought-out character, very developed, and clear on the purpose of the character and her role in Avalon.

I like it, I'll just go get my green stamp of approval.


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