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Post by agentaaa on Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:02 pm

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Name: Aska San'caarne
Age: 17
Homeworld: Azeroth
Chosen God: None


  • Twin Daemon-steel Knives
    Weapons forged by melting down the weaponry of low-class Demons, These knives are not much more durable than ordinary steel, but allow Aska to channel demonic energy into them much easier, allowing her to strengthen them with only the slightest of costs to her own energy reserves.
  • Mythril Spear
    slightly more durable than Aska's knives, the weapon isn't as effective when Aska channels her energy into it, but it can be either thrown or impaled with more raw force. Aska uses this weapon normally to lay a finishing blow on an especially tough opponent or handle foes the Knives don't give enough reach to defeat.


  • Enhanced Reflexes:
    While a Demon hunter's abilities allow them to cast spells with demonic energy, they are first and foremost warriors, and the rigid physical regimen, combined with the sensing training they're put relentlessly through, gives them the best reflexive reactions on Azeroth. Aska's reflexes will always be slightly ahead of her other basic capabilities.


  • Mana Burn
    Aska can fire a bolt of blue energy, charged with her own strength, at an opponent. this bolt has the effect of creating an explosion on that point, using the opponent's own mana against them. this ability is based off of the demonic felhound's power.

  • Immolation
    Learned from the golem-like infernals, the immolation skill allows Aska to cover herself and the nearby area with Green, demonic flames, which cause both damage and above-average pain to any who stand too near.
    These flames burn even rocks and other things which ordinarily do not, not being fire of this plane and
    therefore following different rules. this move, however, constantly uses Aska's energy as long as it's active.

  • Demonic Energy charge
    Aska can charge her weaponry with demonic equipment in order to increase it's strength, and allow it to strike beings only affected by magic. the demonic energy works especially well against angels and demons. This ability is basic to Aska, and requires next to nothing with an ordinary weapon, and absolutely nothing on her daemon-steel daggers, or similarly demonic equipment

Special Ability:
Not Yet Learned


Aska is a young demon hunter, who'd began her training at the age of ten. She learned the art from a master demon hunter, a night elf who's name she rarely speaks. Her brother, an alliance soldier, was reported killed by a demon by his fellows, which spurred her to learn how to fight them. Originally, she was quite the energetic child despite - she wanted to destroy demons, but she also felt that there was hope for peace on Azeroth, and was nothing but kind to those around her. She loved animals, and fought to protect everyone she could. This changed when Aska became sixteen, on hunting a powerful warlock who had been raising undead and demons to wreak havoc on the nearby area, taking over a nearby village forcefully.
It was her Brother.

No one knows exactly what occurred on that mission, but 2 things were certain: that Aska came home a different person, and that at least part of the reason for that was the knowledge that her parents had been murdered while she was gone.
Since then, she has been hunting both demons and evil warlocks with reckless abandon, but it is known she
came to Avalon to kill a specific target, someone she was willing to jump dimensions to kill. No one knows just who she's tracking, but it's certain that whoever it is might have their days numbered, indeed.

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Approved, and next time, avoid posting with a character that hasn't been approved yet. It doesn't really matter what usergroup you're in...


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