Administration Update 01-21-13 (Copyright Update)

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Administration Update 01-21-13 (Copyright Update)

Post by Quantum Rain on Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:01 am

After deliberation, the administration has decided to adapt the original "assumption" rule with copyrights. Pay careful attention to this post, we don't like repeating ourselves.

The first to claim a copyright will be considered the primary owner. This owner will decide what is shared and what is not, or how it shall be shared. (This is to prevent shareholders from claiming parts that lie outside of the agreement.)

In cases of sharing all holders have equal rights in consideration of rulings without respect to parts owned. (This is to prevent complex fragmentation. This also means that agreements are permanent once made.)

Details of the agreement must be provided either in a public notification or in a message to an administrator as a precaution. Administrators are required to take note and save the message in question.

If two or more parties claim a copyright and both have legitimate claim, both are required to orchestrate a deal on how to share that copyright. If a deal cannot be struck, the Administration WILL be forced to interfere if this proves to be a hindrance. How we will interfere is entirely up to deliberation on our parts, but I doubt such would be favorable to the parties involved. This is your only warning on the matter.

Any questions may be directed to an administrator via the means we have stated in the past.

~Quantum Rain, Jediluigi, Noret


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