Deathbattle 1 preview: Exdeath

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Deathbattle 1 preview: Exdeath

Post by agentaaa on Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:06 am

Not the first started, but likely will be the first to be finished, the first Deathbattle to be done will be amongst two of the strongest possible competitors. I will be doing a preview with a brief explanation of the abilities of each, looking at their skills and strengths. After a long, hard look at each competitor, I'll post the actual battle, and the reasoning which created the result.

Our first contestant is undoubtedly one of the strongest. Destroyer of worlds, and the main villain of final fantasy five, Exdeath is certainly one of the most tenacious and outright powerful of the villains ever to grace final fantasy. created when the warlock-king Enuo was sealed away along with his demonic minions, these malevolent spirits ended up manifesting themselves in a tree of Moore and once again taking physical form, the composite power of hundreds of demons running through him.

Gaining strength from the void, Exdeath is both a powerful Physical combatant and a skilled magician.

Physical abilities:
Exdeath appears to wield a sword in combat, using a potent form of swordplay that even caught the warriors of light off-guard. while he employs a use of magic to compliment his swordplay, it's obvious he's better at the former.
He appears to have a low dodging capability and is likely to take at least as many hits as he gives, but his physical endurance is frighteningly high, able to take high-level elemental spells and multiple successive physical strikes alike, and still stay standing afterwards. He is not fast either, however, and has no way to increase his own speed beyond it's regular capability.

Magical abilities:
Exdeath is a powerful magician as well, able to cast many high-level spells and do feats that are nothing short of amazing, using the crystals to trap his opponents and nearly destroy the light warriors at one point. however, since he does not have access to them here, he will be restricted to the spells shown in boss battles.

This isn't much of a restriction, however: even in his regular form, he's able to use spells such as Firaga and Blizzaga and Thundaga, potent elemental magic of fire, ice, and thunder respectively, Meteor, a spell which causes 4 large meteor barrages to rain down on his foes, Holy, a potent burst of light magic that does more damage against undead or evil opponents, Flare, a massive blast that deals non-elemental damage in a large area, and the devastating Vacuum wave, a potent strike which does an incredible amount of damage to a single target.

Exdeath has a large amount of magic power at his disposal, which allows him to cast these spells repeatedly without it draining his reserves unduly. However, all his spells focus on attack, which leaves him with no support, healing, or crippling abilities. He's all about hitting the guy on the other end.

Tree Form: Upon mastering the Void, Exdeath takes on his true form, a big tree thing

Tree. Okay, final fantasy, that's not a tree. Trees don't have faces, and demonic things, and - screw it, moving on.

In this Form, Exdeath's physical attacks are stronger, and he gains access to a new spellset - losing thundaga, firaga, and blizzaga, but gaining the potent white hole, which deals damage and causes many status ailments. However, he is now a large tree, which obviously makes him a more open target. he's rooted to a spot.

Exdeath's final form is Neo Exdeath, which... I don't think I can describe this

I'll let the picture speak for itself, as if I try to describe that I feel I might end up accidentally summoning a demon of old.
In this form, Exdeath has 3 seperate sections of himself, which think and act independently.

The back section is capable of casting Delta attack, an admittedly weak attack which can petrify.

The midsection of this... entity... Casts Exdeath's mighty Almagest, a holy spell that saps the affected's health slowly after a successful hit, to say nothing of what the big explosion does.

Additionally, regardless of the affected, Almagest does even damage regardless of the opponent, quartering his vitality. The front of him focuses on physical attacks, but they're weaker than his tree form's - not worthy of note, really.

the three sections collectively have the same health as Exdeath himself, but the front section, though the weakest in terms of usable attacks, is also the most fragile, with the back being the strongest.

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