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Name: Cho'gath
Age: ????
Homeworld: The nothingness
Chosen God: Chaos


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  • Vorpal spikes

    Chogath can choose to fire out a volley of spikes from his body in a wide pattern at a reasonably fast interval. These spikes can cut straight through traditional armor and grow in size as Cho'gath does.

  • Rupture
    Using his void-based ability and capacity to see in non-traditional dimensions, Cho'gath stomps his foot and causes large spikes to come out of the ground at an area of his choosing a few seconds later. The spikes shoot upwards in a wide cone, and skewer anyone caught too close. This abilities radius grows with Cho'gath's strength

  • Feral scream
    Cho'gath screams an unearthly scream that blasts raw magical energy at opponents in a cone in front of them. the unearthly wailing disturbs the ability to use energy for any caught in the blast, and for a few seconds robs them of magical capabilities. the blast is also quite capable of causing intense physical damage, as well, ripping into opponents with the deadliness of raw magical energy

  • Feast - when Cho'gath devours an opponent of high magical energy, he can grow much stronger and larger, though only so much at a time. Doing this increases his resilience and magical energies, to say nothing of his size.

  • Carnivore
    While eating those of low power will not cause Cho'gath to grow, he may devour the bodies of those slain - friend or foe - to quickly regenerate wounds

Special Ability:


There is a place between dimensions, given little in way of a name, from which many things spawn. those who know of it here call it the nothingness, but the term is a misnomer, as many hellish, unfathomable beings exist there. Cho'gath is one such, originally called by chaos, but only serving her as it suits him. Cho'gath is frightening enough of his own accord, but his nastier power is that he grows by eating those unfortunate enough to fall beneath his fangs. of course, the problem with this fact is that the only way for him to grow is to eat someone with a high enough level of energy to give him a satisfying meal, the amount going up the larger he grows. His abilities gain power from his growth as well, and he as a result delights in finding new prew to squash between his potentially gargantuan feet.

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Re: Cho'gath

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