The Marzeron Empire Category System

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The Marzeron Empire Category System

Post by Jediluigi on Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:53 am

The Marzeron Empire Category System: A system used to catalog the planets found in the Beta Galaxy, also known as the 'Altair' Galaxy.

The system is divided into two number sets.

Planet Number: The planets position from the star, the closest being the first.

System Number: The order in which the systems have been visited by the Empire. Does not indicate position.

Visted planets and systems:

Planet 011: Also known as the 'Tor' system, location of the Imperial R/M facilities and the Hyperspace gate.

Planet 032: Formally known as the planet 'Aves', the location of the indigenous species called the Avians, a sentient bird race.

Planet 013: Called 'Ruhen'.

Planet 043: Called 'Palaven', the hub and central 'capitol' of the Southern League.

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