Hyperwarp speed

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Hyperwarp speed

Post by SSJ Data on Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:41 pm

this is the Hyper warp speed topic with revised prewormhole speed it is the number of hyper warp H times 10 cubed or (10h)^3 this makes the galaxy an easily accessible place for people hyperwarps grater than 5

and now the charts

Hyperwarp 1 or warp 7.94 or 1000c
Hyperwarp 2 or warp 9.99 or 8000c
Hyperwarp 3 warp is meaningless or 27,000c
Hyperwarp 4 warp is meaningless or 64,000c
Hyperwarp 5 warp is meaningless or 125,000c
Hyperwarp 6 warp is meaningless or 216,000c
Hyperwarp 7 warp is meaningless or 343,000c <------- Normal maximum speed of galaxy ships
Hyperwarp 8 warp is meaningless or 512,000c
Hyperwarp 9 warp is meaningless or 729,000c
Hyperwarp 9.5 warp is meaningless or 857,375c <----- Maximum speed of Dark watch class Caby refit
Hyperwarp 10 warp is meaningless or 1,000,000c <------ Communication speeds

what dose this mean well an average space traveler could get from one side of the galaxy to the other in just over 110 days or to Andromeda in 5.3 years compare that to the 65 years it takes at warp nine to get across the galaxy or 1319 years it would take to reach Andromeda

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