Forifications of Elrohir Lúinwë

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Forifications of Elrohir Lúinwë Empty Forifications of Elrohir Lúinwë

Post by devilslayer on Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:43 am

Eärendur Elendil is a large catle, it is the city within which resides the Elrohir Lúinwë council and lord, it is protected by a great wall that is fortified with magic and has ballistae set up on top to defend with. There are three levels to Eärendur Elendil, the outer part, just inside of the outside wall, then the inner part, there is a wall separating the two, then there is the courtyard, which is inside the inner part, the courtyard also has a wall between it and the inner part, the courtyard houses the council and the lord.

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