Fortifications of the goblin empire of Gha^zhakh

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Fortifications of the goblin empire of Gha^zhakh Empty Fortifications of the goblin empire of Gha^zhakh

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Gha^hazhakh: the capital of Gha^zhakh, this castle is unique in that it's hodge-podge combination of wood, metal, and certain amounts of stone is build in a 12-pointed shape, with many haphazard towers, spear chukkas(Known as balllistae to some) And goblin doom diver catapults. the keep itself houses many troops and at least a dozen shamans at all times. The castle itself is not the first line of defense, either - rather, the forest around it, filled with giant spiders loyal to the goblins, watchtowers, tree-based munitions stock, scouts, and hidden tunnels filled with troops, is. Even after getting through the forest itself, there's a large, broken-up defensive line, not quite a consistent wall but rather a long platform of defensive weapons, to meet in battle shortly afterwards, before getting to the fortress itself. Finally, each layer of defense is connected to large tunnel systems guarded by night goblins in large numbers, made so that tunnels in the outer layer can be collapsed by those further in, and filled with varied and unorthodox defenses.


Fortifications of the goblin empire of Gha^zhakh Nn-concept-karaz-a-karak-city-citadel

A captured city of the dwarves, Karaz-A-Karak has lost much of it's beauty and splendor, but the dwarven castle still retains many of it's defenses, and the goblins have learned to put them to good use soon after conquering the city. The place is mainly inhabited by night goblins now, and a large bulk of their forces are quartered here. Thankfully, due to their close technology due to their localized region, dwarf technology is not so hard for the goblins to understand, and even a couple of the dwarven cannons have been learned to be used by the night goblins inside the fortress. It took three quarters of the night goblin nation combined to take the fortress against a force that they outnumbered over ten to one, and the actual attack took almost a year to bring full circle, so it's safe to say that Karaz-a-karak, even with minimal garrison, will be a tough nut to crack.

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