Fortress and cites of Dragon-Fall

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Fortress and cites of Dragon-Fall Empty Fortress and cites of Dragon-Fall

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Fortress and cites of Dragon-Fall COCA-1

Crowhaven is the most recently built fortification of the Kingdom it watches over the lands of Baron Jasper von Crowhaven some of the most resource rich lands in the kingdom.

Dragon's Reach

Fortress and cites of Dragon-Fall Assassins-Creed-Castle-1160

Perched atop the the Northern mountains of the Kingdom Dragon's Reach is the oldest settlement in the kingdom and its capital.


Fortress and cites of Dragon-Fall Dwarf_by_SnowSkadi

Bazvir is the greatest Dwarven city of the south it is a rich land and the mountains behind it are rich in minerals. Bazvir lies along the Bazvir mountains and has for centuries repelled orcish invasion from the south lands and the mines below. It was here that King Dain was entombed after his fall to the goblins


Fortress and cites of Dragon-Fall 88225

Belegost if the Guardian of the southern mountain pass a grand Dwarven fortress defended by the elite divisions of the Dwarves it also guards the deep road that runs from the Dwarven cites of the south to the Dwarven Capital in Erebor and all the Cities of the Kingdom for that matter.

The deep road

Fortress and cites of Dragon-Fall Deep-road-02

the Deep road is a network of Dwarven roads that runs under the kingdom every city in Dragon-Fall is connected to it the road is an under ground fortress policed by Dwarves and men alike in the time of the Golden Horde it was the deep road that allowed the people of Dragon-Fall to strike at will and any were in the kingdom.


Fortress and cites of Dragon-Fall Erebor-Tolkien

The lonely mountain stands in the center of a large flat around it a visible from the distance is Dragon's Reach carved into the nearby mountain ranges. How the lonely mountain came to be lonely is unknown but it guards every thing south of Dragon-Fall and everything north to the Iron Hills. Erebor is the financial capital of the kingdom the cave and mines below the mountain are filled with gems, gold, iron, copper, tin, mithril and gold-steel. Some of the greatest marvels of engineering come from the lonely mountain.

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