The Kingdom Of Dragon-Fall

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The Kingdom Of Dragon-Fall

Post by Roach on Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:29 am

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Coat of Arms

National motto
Glory, Honor, Freedom

Population: 2,000,000

Standing Army: 70,000

Capital: Dragon's Reach

Races: Dwarves, Human, Drakes

King: William Hammershot
Dwarven High Lord: Arkin Ironshanks

Brief History.

A technologically advanced kingdom with a well trained army. The kingdom of Dragon-Fall was forced to be in a constant state of Technological development in its war with the Golden Horde, A group of eastern raiders lead by a cruel and cunning khan. They enslaved the people of the kingdom for years the war was bitter and bloody. But a new discovery by a Dwarven engineer Narfi changed how the kingdom did battle forever. It was called gun powder with their first rudimentary guns in hand the armies of the Golden Horde were defeated with fire and sword. That was Nearly 100 years ago now the Kingdom of Dragon-Fall has produced advanced Fire Arms and have adapted their tactics for a different kind of warfare. After Unseating the Power of the Khan the King William Hammershot ordered the creation of the mighty navy modern vessels armed with cannons capable of long ocean voyages. They explored and traded with other kingdoms allowing the Kingdom of Dragon-Fall to prosper.

The men of the kingdom of dragon fall are often tall and very muscular the average height of a full grown man is about 6 1/2 feet. This put them in even more contrast with their Dwarven neighbors who at the tallest stand at 5 feet. The Dwarves have been allied to the King of Dragon fall for 600 years since the men of Dragon-Fall came over the vast ocean. The Dwarves had a thriving civilization but it was nearly destroyed by the great plague, and by the dragons wars. Now the Dwarves have diminished and taken on a lesser role in the kingdom But their great underground cites and their great fortresses still dot the landscape and are vastly important to the commerce and military might of Dragon-Fall. the Dwarves also elect a Dwarven high lord who represent them to the king for his entire life. In the event a king dies and no heir is available the High lord will serve as regent.



Dragon-Fall's military is split between the Dwarves and the Humans each part of the kingdom supplies 50% of the army. The standing army is 70,000 professional soldiers while about 100,000 could be risen if levies from the nobility were called. The army is very technologically advanced due to the brilliant minds of Dwarven engineers and scientists providing new weapons and tactics for the army.

The Navy is a newer concept to many in Dragon-Fall a part of the military that was neglected for decades until the reign of King William Hammershot. The new navy Consists of several hundred ships out fitted with cannons they range in all sizes and are crewed by integrated Dwarven Human crews unlike the segregated army,



Dragon-Fall is a land were personal and national honor is seen as the most important trait. This has lead to the common practice of sword duels as a way to settle disputes in Dragon-Fall though they are not always lethal duels for those are only permitted to those who have taken the greatest slanders or wounds to their honor. The Zwiehander, the rapier and the double edged side sword are the most common for duels of honor with the zweihander being seen as the most honorable weapons to duel with. The wronged party is allowed to choose what weapon the duel is to be conducted with and the victor is provided protection by the law.

Though some of these customs may seem barbaric the men of Dragon-Fall do not tend to wrong one another therefor honor duels are not a frequent occurrence and the lethal duels are a rarity and require a special document showing approval from the local magistrate other wise the duel may be marked as a murder.

Dragon-Fall is a populace and rich land poverty levels are very low and there is no slavery in Dragon-Fall fair pay is offered to all those who do labor in the kingdom under laws that have been in place for over two centuries. Any man who finds himself impoverished can easily find work in the kings army either as a soldier or as a runner or if he be well learned a quarter master.

Military service is seen as the most honorable of the jobs to take up in Dragon-Fall soldier are afforded good pay good food a roof over their head and a chance to earn glory in battle. The people respect the soldiers of their land as their defenders it is not uncommon to see a soldier either on or off duty carrying a heavy crate for a merchant, hunting wolves off an old farmers field or helping an old woman cross the street.



Dragon-Fall is an incredibly wealthy kingdom with a formidable infrastructure and lucrative trade routes. The most common exports are fine garments made of silk from the islands off the kingdoms south cost, Metal works and jewelry crafted by the Dwarves and large quantities of timber, foodstuffs, salt, furs, wine and Dwarven Ale and Cider.

Dragon-Fall commonly imports spices, sugar, coffee, tea leaves, paper, ivory and cotton.



Every person in Dragon-Fall is offered free government education from the age of 6 to the age of 20 afterwards they can receive aid from the government to attend university if their financial standing is poor these programs were started by Adrian VII Hammershot the last king of Dragon-Fall and improved upon by the current sovereign. Also at the age of 16 any young man or woman of the kingdom can enroll in the military academy and enlist as a soldier of Dragon-Fall. The money for the public school system is taken from tariffs on trade and taxes on the wealthiest land owners this at first caused some unrest amongst the nobles but once they were made to see past their greed either by the king's persuasion or by his threats. This has lead to a very well educated generation of scholars and merchants that have enriched the kingdom through trade and knowledge.

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