SRI Forces

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SRI Forces

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Armij (Army)

-UTF (Urbanisketazkefeirsann/Urban Task Force)
--Deployed solely on Alba as an Elite Police Corps, the UTF is a SWAT team of sorts. They are called in when a large force is needed to battle gang violence, and are considered part of the military due to them using miitary-grade equipment.

-Armijann (Army)
--The SRI Army is used for any situation involving land-based conflict with an opposing faction. The UTF is called in for internal affairs if needed. They are only ever stationed planetside, and are rarely moved via spaceship to another posting. The Army is also the force responsible for holding and protecting any captured ground or position.

-Kiffstrigjungerannu (Marines)
--The Marines are based primarily on starships, but are not considered a part of the Navy because they do not crew the ships, rather, they are stationed on them. The Marines are the first land-based combat force in any conflict, capturing ground for the Army to defend and hold. They are usually deployed in small squads, and receive training in stealth combat and advanced strategy. The Marines are considered the most honorable branch of the Army to join, but many recruits transfer to the regular Army due to the high standards and rigorous training the Marines uphold.

Kiffberkjempers (Navy)

-The Navy is by far the largest branch of the SRI Military, considering most fo the fighting is done on or from ships. The Navy prides itself with it's Electronic Warfare (EW) division, which is responsible for everything from the development of malicious viruses to unleash on the enemy, controlling drone fighters, and manning the turrets on a ship.

Standard Fleet Composition

Uppgege├░ Sm├Žlkiff (Ascension Frigate)

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