The Imperial Sovereignty Forces --to be edited--

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The Imperial Sovereignty Forces --to be edited--

Post by Quantum Rain on Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:17 pm

Space Unit List & Fleet Specifications

Fleet Compositions:


Ship Schematics:

Faithful-I Class
Size: 750 Meters Long
Class: Light Frigate
Crew Capacity:
Compliment: 7 Fighters, 1 Transport

  • 10 Anti-Matter Railgun Cannons (Upper-Aft)
  • 12 Multi-Phasic Missile Swarm Launchers (Lower-Port/Starboard)
  • 2 Phased-Plasma-Beam Cannons (Middle-Bow)
  • 14 Long-Range Annihilatior-Class Adaptive Cannons (Upper-Port/Starboard)
  • 8 Charged-Plasma Slug Cannons (Upper-Bow/Midsection)

Cylon Ships:

Hyperion-Class Basestar

A massive, armed, armored, carrier-style dreadnought of untold power, the Hyperion-Class was based off of a recovered prototype design from Primitus ruins. When updated to modern day standards, the dreadnought was found to be highly capable. Capable of resurrecting and constructing Cylons independently, as well as being a self-sufficient craft in almost any way imaginable, the dreadnought is also equipped with a Phase-Shift Interdiction system, transporter systems, extensive self-repair, and a plethora of other additional systems.

-Height: 965 Meters
-Width: 1,730 Meters
Role: Mobile Star-fortress
Crew Capacity: 24,000 Crew, 8,000 Passengers
Compliment: 260 Raiders, 180 Heavy Raiders
Drive System: Beta-Class Kinetic Drives
FTL System: Quantum-Gateway Generator Grade 4
Armor: Tritanium-Phriik Mixed Hull Plating
Tertiary Armor: Nicronium Tertiary Plating and Frame
Shielding System: Omicron-Class Shield Array
60x Heavy Solar-Fusion Missile Launchers
36x Heavy Anti-Matter Beam Cannon Batteries
36x Firestorm Anti-Fighter Laser Cannon Batteries
4x Retaliation Nuclear Missile Silos

Land Unit List & Army Specifications

Standard Legions:


Soldier Classes
(Note: Exact armaments will vary between missions.)

Soldier, 4th Class:

Loyalty: Fierce, Blind
Skill Class: 3.5
Armor: Light Power Armor

•Short Range Motion Tracker
•Light Shields
•Light Armor Plating
•Soldier HUD
•Accuracy Boosters
•Objective Relay
•Personal Communicator
•Self-Repair Array
• Light Storage Unit

• Medium Assault Rifle
• 2 Repeating Pistol
• Standard Short Blade
• 4 Photon Grenades
• 4 Universal Spare Clips
• Extra Weapon Slot

Soldier, 3rd Class:

Loyalty: Great, Survivalist
Skill Class: 3
Armor: Medium Power Armor

•Short Range Motion Tracker
•Medium Shields
•Light Armor Plating
•Advanced Soldier HUD
•Improved Accuracy Boosters
•Active Tracking & Relay Systems
•Command Relay
•Personal Communicator
•VI Integration Slot
•Self-Repair Array
•Medium Storage Unit
•Materia Grid

•Combat Rifle
•Medium Assault Rifle
•2 Repeating Pistols
•Improved Short Blade
•4 Photon Grenades
•2 Photon Detonators
•6 Universal Spare Clips
•2 Extra Weapon Slots


(Note: Armaments vary according to person and mission parameters, will only list armaments required to be carried by all personnel of this rank.)
Loyalty: Fierce, Survivalist
Skill Class: 1.5
Armor: Archangel Customizable Suit

•Long-Range Lifesign Tracker
•Light-Heavy Personal Shields
•Light-Heavy Armor Plating
•Advanced Soldier HUD
•Active Tracking & Relay Systems
•Command Relay
•Personal Communicator
•Stealth Field Generator
•Stealth Combat Suite
•VI Integration Slot
•AI Integration Slot
•Self-Repair Array
•Large Storage Unit
•Enhanced Materia Grid
•Suit Customization Suite
•Manipulator Type Energy/Matter Converter

Standard Equipment:
•2 Plasmatic Longswords
•2 Repeating Pistols
•2 Photon Grenades
•4 Universal Spare Clips
•16 Extra Weapons Slots

Combat Abilities:
•Are well-trained in the use of magic.
•Are Force-Sensitive, and some are trained in the way of its use.
•Are highly-trained in all areas of combat, from snipers to hand-to-hand.
•Are well-versed in tactical and strategic command options and combat protocols.
•Are trained to memorize all enemy units and their compositions, then perform threat analysis.
•Are trained to be capable hackers and programmers.
•Are trained to pilot all allied and enemy craft.
•Some receive specialized training to enhance their abilities further in specific areas of combat.

Land Vehicles:
*I will link directly to the art pages to avoid a massive list of copyrights.*

RA-509 Razor
A fast, lance-like hover bike armed with a single repeating anti-matter pulse cannon in the front. Its thin design allows for it to storm towards enemy defenses and lines, avoiding enemy fire more easily. It is also capable of slicing through rough terrains and obstacles with its arrow-head design and thicker armoring in the front.

RB-204 Raptor
A heavier hover bike designed for anti-infantry and the elimination of light armor positions. It is armed with a light, forward deflector, a repeating electro-magnetized, nicronium shelled, anti-matter explosive repeating cannon to one side, and smart-fire, multi-phasic missile launcher to the other. It furthermore has a light forward beam cannon. Complete with enhanced tracking sensors and advanced scanners, the Raptor is designed to be a powerful hunter rather than for speed and durability like the Razor.

SBT-R.19 Salamander
A light hover-tank armed with a single, long-range anti-matter beam cannon. It is capable of easily transitioning between sweeping through infantry to slicing apart obstacles. Its high-speed and maneuverability, however, are its main means of defense, as its light armor and lack of any other armaments means that in a stand-up fight, it requires support.

MBT-R.34 Noble
An older tank design that has been updated several times in the past, the Noble is respected for its relatively sturdy design. For sentimental value, the old color scheme was maintained. Armed with multi-phasic missiles to either side of the main cannon, it is a capable artillery and anti-air vehicle. Combined with its EM Railcannon, firing Nicronium slugs at enemy armor, overwhelming shields, it is a robust tank. It's medium armor allows for a balance between maneuverability and durability.

SCA-X.17 Myth
A smaller tank that utilizes suppressed anti-grav jets to maintain silent running and impressive speed. It's active jamming devices and medium stealth armor also allow it to deflect missiles, trackers, and light enemy armor all at the same time. It's primary weapon is a twin anti-matter slicer beam, which can switch to pulse mode for rapid fire against enemy infantry. Its secondary, rear turret fires multi-phasic, smart round Nicronium bullets to bypass infantry and light armor shielding and armor to tear apart what is underneath. All in all, it is a tank that can reach the target quietly, tear it apart, and then leave with no witnesses.

AFT-A.02 Marauder
A swift, but decently armored hover tank designed for anti-air flak and anti-infantry support. It's dual, rapid fire cannons fire a mixture of superheated plasma and heated Nicronium explosive frag-shells. Its lack of true accuracy is made up for the explosive effect of its ammunition and maneuverability.

AMT-B.07 Marauder
This Marauder variant switches out its explosive flak cannons for something more effective at heavier armor, explosive missiles. Retaining its same armor and maneuverability, this hover tank is now equipped with a multi-fire missile launcher. The missiles in question are Nicronium plated casings, heated to the brink of melting, and with a volatile mixture of superheated plasma as a warhead. The result is an armor-piercing weapon that decimates thick plating. Combined with an up-to-date sensor tracking and targeting system, these missiles will adjust their flight paths and tend to do impressive stunts to reach their targets.

HMBT-T.27 Chimera
The Chimera is a heavily armored tank destroyer. Although slower, its heavy armor plating and twin Nicronium-plasma rail main cannons offer a significant punch. Placed right above the rail cannons, however, are twin plasma burners for short-range anti-infantry and screening effect. Its design also allows for a number of passengers to ride on the back without impeding movement, making it a solid choice for supporting infantry.

MAV-LA.02 Bowman
The Bowman light hover-artillery craft is best known for its ability to station and fire nearly instantly, and still be capable of flying out of harm's way almost immediately afterwords. Though limited by the range of its shorter cannon, a small group of Bowman can wreck havoc on fortifications without fear of reprisal. Lightly armored, but incredibly fast, the Bowman is armed with a single, long-range nicronium-plasma warhead launcher, firing its ammunition at high-speeds to avoid point-defense. In the off-chance of close-quarters combat, the cannon may retract and turn into a less effective plasma-thrower.

SAV-HA.13 Hammer
The Hammer is, perhaps, the most powerful artillery unit the Imperial army has to offer. Although it requires time to properly station on the ground, its thick armor and ability to be placed virtually anywhere on the battlefield make it a valuable asset. The Hammer, however, is slow and cumbersome and once it is stationed, it requires time to become mobile once more. It is recommended that it be used for fortified positions rather than front-line combat. The Hammer features a single, very powerful weapon. The Hammer fires a single anti-matter tactical-C.2 fusion warhead, plated with Nicronium for added protection from point defense. This warhead can obliterate enemy fortifications on impact and can wreck havoc on armored columns, but lacks smart-targeting due to size constraints. To prevent friendly fire, the Hammer is equipped with top-of-the-line targeting and tracking systems as well as advanced sensor systems designed to slice through most jamming techniques. It also utilizes a VI-assisted targeting, which checks a target before firing to ensure the most efficient targeting solution. This is done in an incredibly short amount of time, however, thanks to streamlining.

Air Vehicles:

X-381 Hawkeye
The scout recon VTOL Hawkeye is an unarmed and lightly armored craft that utilizes speed as its primary defense. With the option of full automation, the craft is considered an expendable asset or potential decoy. With its own suite jamming systems and compact cloaking for stealth, as well as an exterior holographic projector, the ship can mimic the profiles, and ID, of any of the other aircrafts. This is particularly useful to protect important transports.

AH-880 Predator
The Predator's light carrying capacity, medium armor plating, compact shield system, and light armament are all bested by its ability to cloak, jam, and negate either from the enemy due to advanced sensor suites. Designed to hunt down and eliminate enemy aircraft, as well as for covert insertions, the Predator features a forward, rapid fire, dual-fed Nicronium shelled plasma bullets. On the rear, the gunship has a highly accurate and more powerful sniper version of the same cannon, but it fires far less quickly. Its high-speeds capability is also a prominent feature for the more skilled pilot.

ABM-750 Viridian

TG-211 Lancer

AD-4150 Slayer

LTT-19 Falcon

HTT-21 Longsword



"All endeavors call for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours toil. The fight to the finish is the one... characteristic we must possess if we are to face the future as finishers." - Henry David Thoreau

"If you think people care about you or your commands, you're delusional. You have to make an impact, a legacy to be accountable to. Be the cause of a calamity or a miracle, and then you will become the symbol of the people; A true leader with authority, either through the mutual fear or love of the masses." - Mikhail Azarias
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