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Post by Quantum Rain on Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:37 pm

Name: Annastaziel
Nickname: Anna
Age: N/A
Homeworld: Vires' Castle
Chosen God: None. Serves Vires.


  • Cross-Axe
    A holy weapon forged from smiths that serve Vires, the blade is blessed with power. It channels it purely, and with it, any one that wields it can call forth unimaginable things, should their own power be sufficient. It is a golden double-ax that is not-surprisingly resilient to damage, and often times repairs itself. It is also surprisingly light, though requires two-hands to effectively maintain control.


  • Aurum Armor
    A golden armor that is divinely blessed. It an effectively protect from magic as well as it can from physical harm. Though it functions like any normal armor, still, and can sustain damage enough to shatter it.


  • Aurideism
    As a servant of Vires, Anna is connected to Vires, and thus shares a small part of his vast power. She is immortal, and skilled in combat. She is also fast and strong in general. However, she shares the fate of Vires' avatar, and must at least be on the same planet as him to benefit from their link.

  • Divinity
    A spell that calls forth a purging effect against light and evil alike. It disrupts most control effects, negative spells, or debuffs cast upon her. For this, however, any positive effect is also disrupted, save for her connection to Vires.

Special Ability: None


One of Vires' elites, and essentially his second-in-command, Anna is as skilled and lethal on the battlefield as she is serene and harmonious in her meditations and service. She serves Vires loyally, and asked to accompany him to this unknown world, to protect and aid him with whatever power she has. She is one of the eldest of Vires' angels, and one of the very few that actually knows, and understands, the eternal god's true nature and intentions. Though for all this, one may find her monotonous and plain.

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Re: Anna

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(>'.')>  < ('.'<) two kirbies
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