Lind De Vatia

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Lind De Vatia

Post by NemesisQ on Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:21 pm

Name: Lind de Vatia
Age: 17
Homeworld: Polyhymnia
Chosen God: Anima


Magical Orb: The name of this ancient artifact is unknown, but it is indestructible, and possesses mysterious powers. The orb will follow its chosen owner anywhere unless ordered not to, and it cannot be moved by anyone else. Rumors has it that it grants power according to the the user's will:

Transformation- This powerful orb can transform itself into anything from the user's will, as well as how it operates. (Ex. Cut, explode, bash, pierce, fire etc. Sword, mace, bow, bomb... flamethrower etc.)

Clone- Yes it can clone anything that's a byproduct of its creation. When cloning anything outside of its property ( tree, bird, rock, people etc.) it has to follow the rules of Mimicry.

Mimicry- The only flaw in copying other weapons or people is how it cannot capture abilities, spell, and magic level that comes with it. (With the exception of speed and physical competency.)
However, it can mimic abilities/power level to appear like it was the same, to the point where its seems flawless. In other words... it is a illusion, and extremely difficult for anybody to distinguish from real or fake. Unfortunately, none of the spell/abilities will actually work other than physical contact. Physical attacks and speed are exceptional since its powered by magic.

Note: Mimicry will remain the same, even when the Orb evolves with it's user.


Will of Sovereignty- Anything that Lind touches will abide by his every will. The only live being he could possess at his current level are plants/trees... you get the idea, since half his power was sealed by Anima

Emperor's Phantom- Lind can create small portals that can warp him to anywhere that he used Will of Sovereignty on. If he wishes to warp to someone then he must form a contract with them.


Lind De Vatia is a orphan to the world of Polyhymnia. When he arrived to Polyhymnia he didn't remember a trace of his history, thus, his background is a complete mystery. The one who brought him to Polyhymnia was no other than Anima. After she saved him from the collapse, and grave catastrophy that consumed his homeworld.

Lind arrived from Avalon after sneaking his way into a forbidden tower guarded by Anima's most powerful sea monsters, and hoping to try to steal the rumored treasures that people long ago left as tribute to her. After subjugating the horrid monsters, Lind advances to the top of the sacred, and abandoned tower only to find a small chest behind a barrier. Disappointed, he tried to break it through force, and succeeded for reasons unknown. Then, a strange bright orb, radiating with magic levitates out of the chest. The artifact launches itself right into Lind and knocks him unconscious.

Days later before he can learn more, or sell the orb, Anima appeared to him, furious at what had done. She told him that artifact he possess holds great power, and its rare for it to choose its owner. When the orb do pick a owner, then not even Anima can do anything about it.
For Linds crime, Anima punishes him by sending him into Avalon to fight on her behalf.... and sealed off most of his powers. (Will of Sovereignty, Emperor's Phantom)


Growing up in a world where his race became endangered had caused a life of loneliness and alienation. To survive he had to resort to stealing, and trickery.
Lind is a comical character, living a life where he isn't bound by rules. He value friendship greatly, and respect the lives of all living creatures under Anima, although he was disliked by many.
Lind is brave, cunning, assertive and daring. His strength comes from the seed of hatred he harbored toward Exitius, who was responsible for the destruction of his original homeworld. Despite his looks, he isn't weak in the slightest, he had learn and trained his inherited powers passed on by his race in order to live and survive.

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Re: Lind De Vatia

Post by Quantum Rain on Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:27 pm

Hmm, curious profile and character...

Slight grammar/spelling mistakes, but I'll accept it.


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